Is Gay Men Passing As Straight A Bad Thing?


Michael Henry is back with another topical video.

YouTuber and sketch comedy writer Michael Henry has become known for merging his comedic stories with realistic topics faced by gbt men everywhere. And this new video’s topic? Passing as straight.

Let’s face it, we live in a straight man’s world. But can passing as straight lead to beneficial opportunities and experiences? Can the same be said for appearing as “obviously gay?” This is the topic at hand in this video.

Henry starts off the discussion, in possibly the most straight-forward plot he’s created recently. Normally, the videos start with some wacky salutation and then twist into the serious talk. But in this video, Michael Henry, Darren Bluestone, Tonatiuh, and Paul McGovern Jr. directly discuss the topic without several layers of humor. Though, they kept the Gilmore Girls-esque fast-talking.

But does that work out? Does it create a still engaging and entertaining video even without comedy at its front? Or, would you rather Henry go back to his earlier format? Watch the video below and then give us your thoughts in the comments.

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