Is Grant Coulson the Latest “Gay for Publicity” Stint?

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This isn’t the outcome anyone was hoping for.

Days ago, news broke that hunky 31-year-old reality TV star Grant Coulson had come out of the closet after finding love with a male partner. This was a surprise to fans as over the last decade Grant had boasted a whopping 30 bedpost notches of women that he encountered during his stints on TV. Adversely, he also stated to sources that he hoped to marry his partner in the near future, was “the happiest he’s ever been” and coming out dramatically improved his mental health. 


Now, just days later, it’s being reported that his boyfriend, Scott, was caught in a cheating scandal. Allegedly, Scott was photographed kissing a woman while out at the club and Grant was able to confirm that the photos were legitimate. As we are not actually involved in their lives, it’s worth stating that we cannot confirm the validity of this story. 

It does appear true, however, as Grant has removed all photos of Scott or the pair together from his social media pages in the aftermath. 


According to The Mirror, Grant is left heartbroken by his then-boyfriend’s actions, especially because the duo recently moved in together and adopted a puppy. 

Ouch! I know the public generally does not take reality stars seriously, but no one deserves that!


This does pose a question, though. It’s not particularly directed at Grant and his circumstances, but it does seem like another instance of gay for publicity. Whereas a person with celebrity status comes out as gay, lesbian, bisexual, gender fluid, trans, etc, then magically erases that part of themselves from their identity. While it’s possible that Mr. Coulson’s former lover was promiscuous, the timing of events seems a little too close together to be coincidence. 

Plus, there’s the whole 30+ female sexual partners thing… 


Could the Super Shore and Undressed star be using the gay community for likes? Am I reading too much into this? What do you think? Comment and let me know! 

Either way, I’m sorry that you’re going through a tough time, Grant. A breakup is never easy and being cheated on is the worst kind of betrayal. 

Source: The Mirror 

**Views expressed in this article are not those of Instinct Magazine’s owner, and we are in no way posing the “gay for publicity” theory as truth; only posing a question to the community at large.**

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  1. I genuinely hope he’s not just announcing he’s gay for attention or publicity. I think if anyone does that we should strongly speak out against it.


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