Is It a Conflict of Interest to Elect Someone So Hot?


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Look out, Justin Trudeau! There’s another hot world leader in town.


41-year-old Peter Malinauskas took his place as the Premier of South Australia on March 21, 2022. The title doesn’t mean he’s the new queen witch (peep the American Horror Story reference), more-so, he’s become the new “president” of South Australia. Instead of talking about the Labor party’s epic victory, the internet is instead talking about his epic body.

The snaps were taken back in February but have received new life due to the elected official’s job advancement.

Malinauskas told Patricia Karvelas for ABC Radio,

“We were announcing a big investment at our major aquatics centre here in South Australia and a whole bunch of us jumped in for a swim in our boardies with our kids there. And, yeah, it got a bit more attention than I anticipated, fair to say. Do you have any idea how much grief I’ve copped around the place as a result of that? They’ve piled it on, let me tell you. I haven’t stopped copping it, and I deserve every bit of it.”


Since the “scandal”, the 47th Premier of South Australia has vowed to keep his clothes on. Considering he’s reportedly going to the gym three or more times a week, this is a small step for Australia but a huge loss for gays worldwide. 

And he does look good in a suit and tie, too.


Photo Credit: Sky News Australia

We also do love a good Australian accent.

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