Is It Time To Move Forward From Coming Out Stories?

Is It Time To Move Forward From Coming Out Stories?


Why Is Hollywood Obsessed With Sexuality?

SIMON SAYS! Okay, I’m so excited for every moment of LGBTQ screen time we may receive in film and television. We’ve experienced groundbreaking series such as Queer as Folk and The L-Word, on top of having the original and rebooted Will and Grace. As iconic as these series, among others, have been – why don’t we see many more of them seemingly recreated in film? I cannot help but feel each time a majorly distributed LGBTQ film appears – with tens across the board might I add – it’s always about a coming out story. Are you getting sick and tired of having to rewatch your youth over and over again!?

Don’t come for me just yet. To echo my earlier statement, I’m incredibly happy the LGBTQ community is getting their voices out into the world through film and television in general. I wouldn’t take back the success of LGBTQ cinema we’ve had in the last few years, but I cannot help but feel Moonlight, Call Me By Your Name, and the upcoming Love, Simon are all rehashing the same topic: Coming out of the closet or discovering yourself through your homosexuality. Frankly, I’m a bit tired of it. How many times do I have to watch essentially the same character battling his sexuality with an overbearing parent and some self-quarrel of his feelings for men? And you know, it’s not really comforting knowing allegedly heterosexual actors are portraying the gay characters we experience. Playing gay appears to gain someone a nomination from the Academy, but perhaps that’s a different topic of another day.

Yes, the latest string of LGBTQ films have been highlights for the community and the globe. However, can we please get through into Hollywood that as interesting as coming out is: How about showcasing the life of adult, LGBTQ characters who are, you know, quite comfortable with their sexuality and aren’t battling their emotions. I want to witness a strong, powerhouse, gay character who knows what he wants and goes after it. I’m begging to see someone take inspiration from the magic of Queer as Folk and put that wizardry into an Oscar nominated film. The LGBTQ community can be more impact, and more human, than just by simply coming out of the closet.

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  1. I have yet to see “Love,

    I have yet to see “Love, Simon” but I have read the book (I’m an English and history teacher). I’m not sure I would classify it as a coming out story. Yes coming out is central to the story, but it is much more of a natural teen age humor mixed with angst tale. I’m also not sure I would classify “Call Me By Your Name” book or film as coming out. First, i don’t think it would appeal to a teen audience, though some teens would probably find Timothee Chalamet adorable. Second, a story of a teen falling in love with an older man who breaks his heart is not going to seem like a coming out story to a sixteen year old. If anything it would have an ick factor.

  2. I remember when “Beautiful

    I remember when "Beautiful Thing" was the first gay film I'd seen that didn't have a gay-bashing scene. Cultural changes take time, especially for the mainstream. And maybe you're just watching the wrong movies, take a look at "Paris 05:59," "Weekend," "All Over The Guy," "Big Eden," "Do You Take This Man," "Gayby," "God's Own Country," "The 10 Year Plan," "The Perfect Wedding," "Any Day Now," "The Broken Hearts Club," "The Bubble," "Ciao," "Jeffrey," "Longtime Companion," "Milk," "The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life Of Ethan Green," "The Sum of Us," and  "Trick," to name a few. They're not all happy gay stories, and some are about acceptance, but they're not coming out stories. There will always be people who are coming of age, gay or straight or otherwise, and there will always be room for their stories too.

    • Agreed. Breaking Glass

      Agreed. Breaking Glass Pictures specializes in gay-themed films most of which simply assume that the gay characters are leading their lives. Or one can always Google "gay films" and find a list that can be arranged by year.  They're not all Hollywood blockbusters; but certainly enough of them are good enough to merit our support.

    • Doug, great choices and I

      Doug, great choices and I agree with most of what you say though I’d replace Ethan Green with Camp. You still get Daniel Letterle in a much better story. If the other choices are a reflection of your taste in movies, you must have a lot of friends who enjoy binge watching with you!

  3. After watching many many gay

    After watching many many gay films with a majority of them being incredibly bad, I don't think scrutinizing a successful gay film for it's theme or the fact straight actors playing gay should warrant that type of negativity. Don't pigeonhole gay actors to play gay roles. If straight people shouldn't play gay characters then gay people should not play straight. We should not be so hypocritical. Enjoy it for what it is and if it wasn't your cup of tea then move on.

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  5. Keep making them until lgbtq

    Keep making them until lgbtq is no longer judged beaten up and murdered because we were born this way.


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