Is Justin Timberlake Packing? Yes He Is… According to Patricia Clarkson



Patricia Clarkson just let out a BIG secret about her Friends with Benefits costar Justin Timberlake on Thursday night.

The Oscar-nominated actress worked with him on the 2011 romantic comedy that also starred Mila Kunis, Woody Harrelson and Andy Samberg

Patricia appeared on the Andy Cohen hosted talk show Watch What Happens Live last night, where she revealed that she caught a glimpse of his front side during filming.

“Yeah… I had the good fortune to get to see him… all there,” she said, claiming that he was “big.”


“They were shooting a scene that he couldn’t keep anything on,” she explained. “And he is a… gorgeous man.”

Andy stirred the pot of course, and asked if he was "gifted below the waist." Her response? "Oh yes."

“Oh my God, his mother’s going to kill me," she then said with a giggle. Nice work, Patricia!

Clip below:


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