Is Mexican Boxer Dario Larralde Really Sorry for Being Homophobic?

Last week, Mexican boxer Darío Larralde posted some very homophobic videos on social media that created uproar with fans and brought on a surge of online attacks toward the boxer. In the videos the boxer expresses his distaste for gay men and even goes as far as saying that he supports Hitler’s notion that gays are a ‘plague’.

The videos, which have since been deleted, were saved by followers and now survive on the internet forever.

In the videos the boxer says:

Fuck me! Fucking gays, I have a fucking phobia … everywhere I go, every day, there’s always a fucking gay punk on the corner watching me. And I hate it! Why me? I’m a fucking magnet for gays. I was just shopping and I pass by the perfume section and shit! A bunch of gays. All the gays were there at that very moment! It was horrible. If I have gay followers, which I don’t doubt, I’m sorry, but you annoy me. Everything your community does, everything you do, everything you represent, pisses me off. I will never accept it.  No. Fucking gays don’t ask you, they just accost you. They’re just there fucking observing you at a distance just watching you to see where you’re going so they can follow you. What the fuck?! Now I know how the women feel when they walk into the club and they get approached and women say ‘No thanks’ or whatever—shit, this is how it is with these guys. You tell them ‘NO’ and these guys get fired up, dude! And there they are right behind you, trying it like 10 times, until you fucking beat the shit out of them, they won’t understand. And you can’t even hit them because then they start with “Well, I’m gay!” Gays fucking piss me off, they piss me off.  I know that Hitler was a bad person, but I do support him in that. Fucking gays are a plague. They piss me off, they make me sick, I will never understand them. I hate them, I can’t.

Pretty atrocious. Larralde claims to be the representative of the Mexican national team for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. Mexican actor Luis Gerardo Méndez called to the Mexican government to take action against Larralde for his hateful comments.

The Comité Olímpico Mexicano (Mexican Committee for the Olympics) has posted a public statement denouncing Larralde as a selection for the 2020 Olympics.

The Mexican Olympics Committee denounces the homophobic statements made toward the LGBT community by Darío Larralde, who is not part of the national boxing selection.

Since deleting his original post, Larralde has received an onslaught of hateful messages including messages urging him to kill himself. Sure, we should not be stooping to this guy’s level especially since Larralde has made public apologies. In a series of Tweets, Larralde expressed his thoughts.

Honestly, I don’t have a long time to explain this. I hope you will watch the interview later. I offer a huge and sincere apology. Things are not like this. I have nothing against lesbians, nothing against transsexuals, I have nothing against gay men. In fact, one of the men who has interviewed me is gay. That was the intention. I don’t hate gays, I’m not homophobic in that sense—and that word ‘homophobia’ is bad—everything I said is bad. For starters I thought I was speaking to a much smaller audience where I have always used dark humor and that has never bothered anyone. I’ve never offended anyone. But here’s the thing. It’s not that I don’t support you [gays], it’s not that you bother me, it’s not that I hate you, it’s not that I don’t want you to progress, and have lives, and adopt children—you can all do whatever you want. I’m happy as long as you’re happy. I know that video was bad and I know you all think differently about me and think I am just trying to save my career and clean my image, maybe I want more attention. Believe me, this has reached a new level. People have my phone number, they’ve threatened my family, my friends, my girlfriend. I don’t want anyone getting involved in my personal life and attacking me this way. That wasn’t what I intended.

I am not that type of person, honestly. Really, what I wanted to talk about was sexual harassment. It is something that I don’t tolerate and that is what bothers me about the gay community. And I know there are a lot of educated and respectful gays, I understand that. But I have encountered only gays who harassment and they don’t understand that I don’t bat for their team or that I have a girlfriend. It’s not fair. If you’re a hetero woman with a lesbian or a hetero man with a gay man, hetero with hetero, ‘No’ means ‘No’. I’ve had really bad experiences and in that moment I was really upset. In reality I’m against sexual harassment not the gay community. I’m not against you being free and doing whatever you want. Honestly, I applaud you. I’m glad your movement is progressing. I’m glad you’re all part of society—what I mean is that it is more accepted now, more supported. I’m happy for you. That’s great news! Really, I applaud you. But finally, forgive me. I don’t have a lot of time to speak, there’s not too much to explain, but I hope I can explain it later. A sincere sincere apology.

But people were NOT buying what Larralde was selling. After posting his apologies, people began attacking him again. Was there something not sincere about his “sincere sincere apology”?

He tweeted again:

Thank you to all the people who are watching the first and second parts of the video and NOT jumping to say ‘He’s an idiot’ or ‘He’s horrible’ or what not. I know I deserve this. I know people and the community will be like this for a while, and I understand that. I honestly earned it. I really hope you know that I don’t hate you. I really think that the word ‘homophobia’ doesn’t go with me. I really just think it is a ‘phobia’ of harassment. Not just from gays to heteros or lesbians to heteros, but from everyone. Harassment and abuse of any kind makes me sick. That’s what bothered me. That day I was really agitated and pissed off and I said some things that I can’t justify. And that’s why I understand. I understand you’re mad, I understand you won’t forgive me, that’s fine. I understand it perfectly. All I ask—in the nicest way—is that we try to share my apology so more people can acknowledge it. Also, please leave my family, friends, and girlfriend alone. They have nothing to do with this. I know I fucked up. I accept it. I will suffer the consequences. That’s all I ask. You can shit on me all you want. Please just leave them alone.

But it hasn’t been enough for followers. Many are not letting his comments go so easily and still lashing out to Larralde. He decided to bow out from Twitter because it appeared he couldn’t take the backlash any longer.

I’m leaving Twitter. Once again with a 100% sincere apology. I hope you will understand it after the 3 videos I made apologizing. I will never again talk about the #LGBTMexico community. Good luck with your movement. I wish you the best. Sincerest apologies.

But he came back. His final attempts at redemption was on December 10th, where he posted more videos—but this time it seems he has changed his tune and is more annoyed that he is being perceived as a monster on news and social media instead of being praised for his apologies.

What’s up with this, people? I keep showing up on news shows and videos and all that shit. I get it, it was a global fuck up. But I apologized and explained everything. I was talking about harassment. But are you kidding me? What’s up with these people? They keep saying “The gays are a plague, we have to exterminate them” “I want genocide and I want to kill everyone”. What the fuck? What’s up with that? I never said that. If you want you can go watch the original video. All I said was “Hitler was a bad person, but I agree that gays are a plague.” Then I said that I hated them like seven times. But I explained. I was pissed off that day, the temperature of things got hot, and then I was harassed that day. I explained it. You just need to go watch the apologies and see what I really mean. But stop writing that stuff. It’s fine if you want more controversy. It’s fine if you want more fucking drama. It’s fine that you want more views. That’s all fine. But I remind you that I’m also a person. I also have a family, I also have a girlfriend. I already explained everything. I explained it all. If it has been out of context or if I hadn’t explained it, I would understand that you keep shitting on me. But you all keep doing stupid shit like this. Taking the ugly segments of the video and sharing them. Or not sharing my apologies. Or misquoting me. The only thing you are doing is causing more problems for me and more hatred toward me. I’ve had death threats and people tell me to kill myself. What the fuck? Stop doing that. What the fuck?

And it seems like Larralde really can’t let things go. He took to Twitter one last time to try to get the last word in.

I want to talk about extremists—and from both sides. What the fuck? I don’t want to be on any side. I have people who are really homophobic coming to me and saying ‘you’re homophobic, let’s take them down. Let’s make a movement. Genocide.” and all that shit. That’s some crazy shit. They’re saying some stupid stuff that is straight out of a scary movie. No thanks. I don’t want to be part of your movement. I already explained that we don’t think alike. My disdain is for the sexual harassment and abuse and that’s it. And then there are the gays. I understand they’re mad, but I already explained it a thousand times. Done. I understand they want to shit on me, but watch my apologies, watch the original video and don’t allow others to cloud your perception. People are saying things I didn’t say. And there are people who are running with that. I never said to exterminate people or that I wanted genocide. Okay, extremists, calm down.

So after a handful of videos apologizing and re-explaining and trying to take back what he originally said, Darío Larralde has not returned to Twitter. His videos have been shared hundreds of thousands of times, but he seems to continue digging himself into a deeper and deeper hole. Maybe he should just stop trying to defend himself and let it go for a while.

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