Is Milk Getting an Awful Edit on ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars’?

For those of you, like me, who have been an avid watcher of RuPaul's Drag Race, you kind of know what the formula is by now.  Regardless if its an All Stars or regular season, there has to be a villain or two in each and every cast.  I just never expected it to be season 6 competitor Milk for their latest All Stars season.

When the nine queens were announced a couple of months ago, the ones that I pegged to be the villains or the "Phi Phi" of the season were more geared towards Morgan McMichaels or Kennedy Davenport, given that they sort of took that credit during their own respective seasons.  I figured Milk would do what she did the last time, and sort of be in her lane with her very avant garde type of drag which millions of fans gagged for during her first season.

I figured that may not be the case when they revealed who the nine queens were for this season.  During Milk's segment, she mentioned that she didn't go into season 6 thinking she was going to win, however with All Stars, she came ready to play.  I just didn't think it was going to be this dramatic and shady this soon.

The second episode showcased Milk in a truly terrible light, except I'm not necessarily sure you can blame the editing.  She came down so hard on Shangela, who was simply just playing up the diva she was given (Mariah Carey) to the best of her advantages, which Milk took down both in front of her and in the confessionals.  

Then, she took on Celine Dion in the Divas challenge, for which she became safe for.  This didn't sit well for her at all, and she freaked out both on the stage and in the werk room to the other girls confusion and for some of them to think she's gone delusional.  None of this was seen in season 6, even when she was being downright attacked by other queens like Gia Gunn for her non-traditional form of drag, she kept her cool.  It's why so many people fell in love with her, so why the change this season?

Let's not forget how unbelievably shady she was in the first episode, when he made blatant remarks about Trixie Mattel, BenDeLaCreme and other contestants while coming off incredibly cocky and condescending the whole time.  Even his intro was full of his accomplishments over the past couple of years, so is Milk someone we are even rooting for this season?

Milk looks to be taking all of this in stride, in particular on her social media accounts where she had this to say about the haters:

Do you think Milk is getting a shady edit, or is this really how you think she is?


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  1.  People seem to forget it’s a

     People seem to forget it's a competition and all the queens have said how nerve wrecking the challenges are. Same thing happened with Alaska when she offered another queen 10000 to keep her in the competition. Everyone hated her after that but ended up winning. Everyone reacts differently to pressure!


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