Is Mortal Kombat’s Kano A Gay Icon?

Twitter users are trying to claim a video game character as their own again. But this time, can you blame them?

Mortal Kombat 11 dropped last week to mixed reviews. But while some video game fans are contemplating whether the franchise has fizzled out from its former glory, others are questioning whether one of its characters should come out.

Kano is an original character from the long-running game franchise. In fact, he’s been around since 1992. That said, some fans think the character has turned into “literal gay fetish bait.”

The shirtless cyborg is seen chugging beer cans before spitting it out at the camera or urinating away on the ground. According to gay Twitter, this makes Kano a trashy gay fantasy.

It doesn’t help that Kano’s selfish and edgy personality adds to the gloryhole-esque aesthetic. Plus, as Gay Star News points out, the character’s moves are titled “fist of power,” “chokeshold,” and “power slam.”

“This character is not heterosexual. He is a dick pig. You’d find him in the hole at jackhammer [a Chicago gay club] any night,’ wrote one Twitter user.

Ultimately, the character is not canonically gay in the game franchise’s mythos. In fact, the only confirmed gay character is Mortal Kombat X’s Kung Jim.

That said, the game’s creators have coded Kano with qualities that mirror a certain brand of gay/rustic men. And honestly, we don’t know if we’re thankful or not. But, Twitter users sure are.

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  1. I’m gay and so in love with Kano with this look. I believe there are more out there like me. Plus he is an Aussie. Too hot as in the Australian outback regions.


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