Is Netflix Sex/Life Giving Us The Full Frontal HBO HOTD Didn’t?

Remembering the shower scene from Season 1 of Sex/Life (Netflix image)

No wonder the gays like this show. In a synopsis of the first season of Sex/Life, summarizes the first installment of Netflix’s smuttiest show as:  

Billie is just a weepy, beautiful thirtysomething, going through a divorce because she liked her handsome, rich record-exec ex-boyfriend (played by Adam Demos) better than her handsome, rich finance-bro husband.


Sounds like that text message you got from your friend when he came back from the Winter Party. 

In their article they stress that they are her to review the sex scenes of movies and television shows, but… note: We usually try to talk about all of the sex scenes, but there is simply too much sex in Sex/Life for us to do this. Instead, we picked only Season 2’s most notable sequences.  They had better not have left out all the peen!

I’m for one that can appreciate a male penis, but straight sex scenes usually do not do it for me.  CTRL-ALT-DELETE the female and let me enjoy the man.  Yes, all the LBQ+ peeps, you should head over to the Slate article where they talk about Season 2, Episode 1 – the elevator scene where the ride was probably to the 3,000th floor as the uplift included foreplay and most likely penetration. 

Next up for mention and review is a scene in Episode 2, 30 minutes in. We all have those things that may remind us of a previous bang, bf, fb. It could be that lube, those pair of hand cuffs, that trampoline in the back yard. We get to see Brad’s palpable sex memory when he is asked to get rid of some furniture that may have some of his man juices on it from a previous bang.  We know you still have some of those things and won’t part with them, cheeky bastards.


BRAD FLASHBACK: Before we get there, we must return to and drool a little over the Season 1 flash of Brad’s dangling sausage. We mentioned this scene and linked it in our post Fans Are Salivating Over Adam Demos’ Full Frontal Scene. Yes, it was good and reportedly all real Adam Demos, not a prosthetic.

In the first season finale of Sex/Life, fans got a BIG look at Adam Demos’ third leg. And we seriously can’t overstate how much the schlong deserves the thirst it’s getting. It’s just THAT impressive. But don’t take our word for it, check out a clip of the scene and meat stick here

Back to Season 2. In the Slate / Sex Reviews, they talk about imagery we as penis loving men have seen before when asking for more photos on those “dating apps”, it’s one I love to see. That mouthwatering pic of, well, this is how these two female reviewers describe it:

Rebecca: Here is one of the moments in Season 2 that remind me of the nursing smash cut from Season 1—a moment that’s actually kind of funny and interesting. Brad fantasizes that, at the beginning of this imagined encounter, his erection sticks up out of his waistband, and Billie sees it, and the two of them laugh. Did you like that part, Isabelle??

Isabelle: First of all, I have never seen this in all my life—a boner that levitates, in tight jeans, towards 12 o’clock, on its own accord. Usually, when a person gets erect in jeans, their penis sort of points downward, and stays off to the side of one leg. If their pants are super loose and flexible, it’ll maybe drift upwards a little, but Brad’s not wearing basketball shorts. Instead, he’s dressed in some form-fitting honky-tonk blue jeans with a big Texas belt buckle.

Unless he keeps his flaccid penis tucked upward along his waistband, parallel to his zipper, there is no physical way that it could have become erect, bent straight upward, and poked out of the top of his jeans without some sort of divine intervention.


They seriously need to get out more often (or stay in and swap naughty pics with men) if they only think the peen shoots down the leg (or maybe we get out too much). It’s a good thing they apparently have some male writers on the staff that have been around their own penises (or others) when they get erect. 

And there’s some prostate stimulation “Oh!” scene in Episode 3 that we need to keep an eye out for as Majid gets fingered, much to his and the reviewers’ surprise which leads to a calisthenics discussion of “How’d she do that?”

There seems to be at least one sex scene in every episode with some having 2 or more.  Episode 5 garnished this rave:

This one’s got it all: boundary-pushing sex in the marital bed of Billie’s ex-spouse. Road head. Fingerbanging. The cinematic crashing of an exorbitantly expensive car. If I didn’t know better, I’d say I was watching a music video by the Weeknd!

We always do like a big reveal (Nexflix image)

And that’s this season’s big penis reveal which takes place in Episode 6. Dev (Devon, played by Jonathan Sadowski) entertains the locker room with what would usually be an uncomfortable room-clearing conversation, but ends up being an R-rated version of show and tell and pump. Dev explains how he his reconstructive surgery on his johnson added an inch. Now don’t go out and have a car accident while receiving oral sex for this is not the way to become a bigger man.  Of course, we need to provide you with a link to the scene. Should we take a vote to see who thinks this one is real or a prosthetic? Leave your comments in the socials.

So if you were let down on the newest Game of Thrones and how little sex there was, hop on over to Netflix and be ready to sop up a cheeky interaction or two just about every episode. 

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