Is Nightwing The Sexiest Superhero?

Image via DC Comics

People just can’t get over Nightwing’s butt! But honestly, who can blame them.

For decades, women in comics have been exploited and sexualized. They’ve been drawn to bend and twist in awkward and uncomfortable poses so readers can enjoy pictures their bodies. But for male superheroes in comics, this isn’t so common. While you may get some characters who get more sexualized than others like Gambit or Namor, most men are not sexualized has heavily as female characters are… except for one. And that is Nightwing.

Ever since he dropped the persona of Robin, Batman’s first adoptive son Dick Grayson has been turned into a sex symbol. In fact, DC comics themselves are amazed that Nightwing has become the sex symbol that he is today. In almost every comic that he appears, Nightwing is seen in some body-twisting pose with his muscular torso exposed and his butt popped out. At this point, that’s become a part of his persona.

Image via DC Comics
Image via DC Comics
Image via Kotobukiya
Image via DC Comics
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Image via DC Comics
Image via DC Comics

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And the topic has picked up online once again thanks to comic artist Nicola Scott.

In preparation for the landmark “Detective Comics” #1000 and “Action Comics” #1000 issues, images of famous DC superheroes are releasing. These photos show the heroes in a series of their most iconic costumes throughout the decades. But while most of the other superheroes have been facing forward in their images, Nightwing is showing his iconic backside.

And, obviously, this drove the internet crazy.

And with so much built around Nightwing’s sex appeal and backside, it’s a wonder why we don’t have a live-action version of him yet (and no, Joseph Gordon-Levitt doesn’t count). But, we soon will.

Season two Titans on DC’s streaming platform DC Universe is gearing up for release. And with it, the reveal of Nightwing.

Brenton Thwaites, of Blue Lagoon and Pirates of the Caribbean 5, has been playing Dick Grayson as the character retires from the Robin mantle and looks for a new superhero name. And now, season two is showing Grayson discovering his Nightwing persona and his sex icon status.

Even better, we’ve recently seen some behind-the-scenes looks at Thwaites in the iconic suit. Let’s just say, we look forward to seeing much more (and in better lighting).

So while he never lost his sex symbol status, Nightwing is currently having a resurgence in the public mindset. And we hope he, and his outfit, stick around for a good while.

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