Is Pollution Why Men Are Going Limp?

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Scientists Warn Poor Environments Can Make Male Sex Lives And Johnsons Unstable

Dear, God – this is a little horrifying. We’re all aware that everyone should be a bit more conscious of how they treat their environment, but perhaps we didn’t realize that it could affect more than just our well-being…because now apparently we’re being affected in our sex lives.


According to Men’s Health, an environmental and reproductive epidemiologist, Dr. Shanna H. Swan, has released her research in her latest book Count Down: How Our Modern World Is Threatening Sperm Counts, Altering Male and Female Reproductive Development, and Imperiling the Future of the Human Race. As intimidating as the title can be, her findings within the book are even worse. Swan believes that toxic chemicals in the air AKA pollution is shrinking men’s penises and testes, lowering fertility in women and sperm count in men, and is decreasing sex drive overall. Yikes! What’s most obvious is that unhealthy lifestyles cause hormonal balance, but eventually that could bite the human race in the butt. One chemical Swan notes as being a villain is phthalates, which is found in some foods and even… gasp… make up! Time to sanitize some drag backrooms…

While some gay men may not find fertility to be one of their fears, the size queens of the world should be a little worrisome with pollution shrinking our penises as much as a toxic relationship shrinks our hearts. Properly disposing of trash, recycling when necessary, and watching our carbon footprint should be on anyone’s list of priorities. The Climate Change Debate perhaps isn’t too much of a debate anymore… and one certainly doesn’t need to be their own version of Greta Thunberg, but being friendlier to the environment is always sexy and won’t go out of style. Smoke, smog, and trash will forever be a downer anywhere, but blue skies, clean beaches, and happy communities make it much easier for you to not only breathe, but you won’t need to use a ruler to see if you’ve shrunk your junk.

Do you believe people would be more self-aware of their environment if they knew it could decrease their sex drive?

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Source: Men’s Health

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