Is Reza Farahan And His Shahs Castmates Out Of A Six Figure Job?

Our favorite Farsi speakers have officially been put on ice. TMZ reports that Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset has been canceled by the network after airing for 9 seasons. The show, which focused on the tumultuous (yet funny) personal and social lives of a group of Persian-American friends living in Los Angeles, aired it’s last episode on August 29, 2021. Little did viewers know it would be the series finale.


The show was a ratings hit for Bravo during it’s earlier seasons, catapulting several of it’s cast members into the limelight. Mercedes “MJ” Javid, Reza Farahan, Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi and Mike Shouhed all tasted (reality) stardom. Interestingly enough, the announcement of the shows cancellation came soon after Mike Shouhed was arrested on March 27 in Los Angeles on charges of “intimate partner violence with injury”. While a victim was not named, the final season of Shahs of Sunset saw that Mike was (and is still currently) engaged to Paulina Ben-Cohen (a rich, divorced mother of two).


Bravo made no comment on the cancellation of the show and on Shouhed’s domestic violence arrest. We may never know the reason why the show was actually canceled but what we do know, is that the stars of Shahs of Sunset are out of a major paycheck. The Cinemaholic reports that cast members raked in between $10,000-$30,000 per episode, with the biggest purse going to those who’ve been on the show the longest. Some of the stars may be able to salvage this however, as TMZ reports that Bravo is in talks with Reza, MJ and GG for a possible post Shahs opportunity with the network.

Shahs of Sunset was produced by Ryan Seacrest Productions for Bravo and originally aired March 11, 2012.

Are you upset to see the Shahs of Sunset go? Will you miss this chaotic yet charming group of friends or was their cancellation long overdue? 

Sources: TMZ, The Cinemaholic

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  1. I’m bummed , I had no idea it was being cancelled, they are funny and seem like a tight knit group aside from their fights and flaws. I loved the gay representation of Reza & Adam and their relationship.


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