Is Sexting Healthy?

Is Sexting Healthy?

Should We Be Limiting Our Playful Thumbs?

#MILLENIALPROBLEMS! Ahh! Okay, so in the modern world we’ve been accustomed to texting since as long as I can really remember. Not so much on a mobile device, but a desktop chatting away with who knows in AOL chatrooms gossiping about my would-be life, even though I was probably eight-years-old. I’m a Millennial who has grown up on communication between people through technology. It’s not a surprise people can gain any connection through a keyboard: Even when it’s sexual.

Cybering is essentially a thing of the past. Now, it’s all about sexting. Sending naughty text messages on your mobile device in public and private. Chances are, when you’re sexting; you’re touching yourself. It’s the new cyber. I believe sexting leads the majority of people to flaking on various hookup apps, because why would you want to scurry over to someone’s house if you just got what you wanted: Off. But, could we be ridding ourselves of physical affection for sexting? Is that even healthy?

According got PsyPost, a study proved 8 out of 10 people are sexting. That basically means even like, your parents – depending on your age – are getting a lil’ freaky in their texts. But, of course, the study admits people begin to sext when they are minors. (Remind me to never eavesdrop over my younger cousin’s shoulder.) While some participants in the study have said they felt more confident after sexting, the majority have felt trauma or discomfort after doing the act: Simply worrying they may be blackmailed in the future. However, in this study, the majority was barely over half. Meaning, no one really cares about sending nudes or naughty messages. Sexting is only healthy if you can mentally handle it.

When I think deeper into texting in general; I guess it isn’t that odd people can somehow connect without being in front of one another? It’s not necessarily uncommon to have fallen in love with a pen pal back in the day (right?) and people kept in contact through written letters since the beginning of time. I’m a firm believer in sexting; I think it can keep a relationship together when you’re separated and even prevent cheating if you’re long distance.

Are you a fan of sexting?

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