Is Stephen Amell’s Gay Pride Shirt Tasteless?

Is Stephen Amell's Gay Pride Shirt Tasteless?

Funny Frat Bro Or A Complete Insult?

Ahhh, okay! So, I'm not one to bury an ally of the LGBTQ community, but this mock apparel is truly grinding my gears. On Sunday, Vancouver celebrated its gay pride and it was obviously one of the better hashtags to follow on social media throughout the weekend. The CW's lead actor in ArrowStephen Amell, attended Vancouver Pride and even spent some time with Drag Queens as seen in the photograph below.


My favorite weekend.

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While that is fine and dandy, Amell decided *this* shirt should be his pride outfit. 


Happy Pride.

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Yes, Amell is wearing one of those horribly tacky, confusing shirts that read "I'm not gay, but $20 is $20." Like, okay? I don't doubt that Amell isn't an ally. He even appeared in two episodes of the silver screen gay Bible, Queer As Folk. But the shirt choice is just, stupid. That shirt is basically saying you'll be gay for (low) pay. I can't believe these shirts are still in circulation! Amell is obviously a stud, but I think this shirt is the only thing that definitely doesn't suit him. Perhaps he should've showed up in the Green Arrow costume.

Are you giving an eye roll to Amell's pride outfit?  

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  1. I find the shirt funny and I

    I find the shirt funny and I find it awesome that a well known actor like Stephen wears stuff like this cause it shows how comfortable he is with his sexuality. Do I think he’d let a guy give him a blow job for $20? No. 

    Let people wear what they wanna wear. He’s having fun with our community so we should just let him be and be thankful we have him as an ally. 

  2. I just can’t get over the

    I just can’t get over the whiny, neurotic people in this country who can’t take a joke of ANY kind. Their main hobby is peruse the internet, news media, etc, and make a federal case over anything and everything  they can find to piss and moan about. 

  3. I would without question give

    I would without question give him $100.00 just to see him naked. Even more if I could blow him! Holy fuck, this shirt gives me hope!

  4. I think exhibitionism at gay

    I think exhibitionism at gay pride is more offensive than that shirt.

    I don't really see the problem; if anything it looks like mockery at men who claim to be heterosexual while having (paid) sex with men.

  5. I used to use the expression

    I used to use the expression "Quicker than a $20 blowjob." I guess that was offensive to whores!

  6. It’s a salute to gay-for-pay

    It's a salute to gay-for-pay men, many of whom really "grease my gears" extremely well thank you.

  7. Come on. Really? We’re going

    Come on. Really? We're going to get outraged over this? It was like a play on words. The man knows he has a huge gay fan-base and he was simply playing up to it. He has always supported us, is incredibly gay-friendly, and clearly meant no harm. That being said, if there truly is truth in advertising, I got my 20 bucks right here! 

  8. I totally agree with you.

    I totally agree with you. Unfortunately, you can't blame the people who don't agree because we've been put down and kept down for so long by a heteronormative society, and treated with such shame, most of us still don't even know when it's happening. Clearly, these comments are an example of that. They don't even know they're being insulted. 

    He shouldn't have worn that shirt to Pride. 

  9. “I don’t doubt that Amell isn

    "I don't doubt that Amell isn't an ally."  So you DO doubt that he is an ally?  What evidence do you have that he isn't an ally to the gay community?

  10. They were selling this at

    They were selling this at pride. Stop trying to create outrage where outrage isn’t necessary. That man in his pic is his very good gay friend. If his friends weren’t offended, you shouldn’t be either. 


    The only thing that SHOULD be written about Stephen Amell at pride is that he got disgusting comments on his pic with the drag queen (don’t know her name, sorry). Those are the comments that should be offensive. Not a shirt that was sold there and is a joke. 



  11. Nothing wrong with the T

    Nothing wrong with the T-shirt. I think it is a slow beginning of the week for haters. Because they are hating on the wrong things. People get over your selves. Smile! Be happy, we have a big alli who will stand up with us and treats us just like everyone else. Isn't that what we want? Or do we still want to be the bitchy queen best friend? ARRRRG!

  12. It’s not just funny, it’s a

    It's not just funny, it's a great bit of social satire. With Trump destroying the economies of North American there will be a lot of straight men grateful to get $20 for a ltitle rub and tug action.

  13. I’m glad people are standing

    I'm glad people are standing up for Stephen Amell!  Looks like you're the only one getting eye rolls on this one!  

  14. Please! Get a grip! I wish he

    Please! Get a grip! I wish he actually meant what his shirt says! I'd give him more than $20.00! And he was also in Dante's Cove, which is a gay series. He's our ally, and we need to stop being so damn critical!

  15. There is so much stuff going

    There is so much stuff going on around us to be offended by. I don't want to do more than chuckle at this shirt and look for $20-Canadian.

  16. Please take several seats!

    Please take several seats! You are going out of your way to be offended. There are far more important things to get bent out of shape about than this. This man has been a tremendous ally. The shirt is funny.  GOOD GOD GIRL GET A GRIP!

  17. If he has truly been an aly

    If he has truly been an aly to the LGBT community I would hope he wasn't trying to offend anyone. It's funny especially considering he doesn't claim to gay or bi but fully hetro I say give him a pass if you a really upset about the shirt

  18. I actually find this to be

    I actually find this to be quite pro-gay. I think you're being oversensitive and are looking to be offended (as seems to be the overwhelming consensus).

  19. Too much is being made of

    Too much is being made of this shirt.  A big deal is being made of nothing.  Can we get back to issues that really matter.

  20. The only think tasteless is

    The only think tasteless is your article. It is just a t-shirt meant for humor. As long as he is an ally, who cares what he wears? 

  21. Truth be told, I kind of

    Truth be told, I kind of laughed at his shirt.  I thought it was funny and took no offense at it.  Actually, I remember a number of straight guys wearing this shirt over the years at Pride Parades and they were getting high-fives from gay guys.  Probably because we all recognized it as a joke (and we all probably had the same wicked sense of humor).  Sorry to say this, but this is a ridiculous thing to be upset over. 

  22. Grip dude , he’s out there

    Grip dude , he’s out there fighting the fight we us……it’s funny and if you need 20 to pay for your fun with him I’ll Venmo you the $$$

  23. Really??? Are you really

    Really??? Are you really focused on this??? There  are bigger issues out there!!! Him wearing that shirt is a non-issue. This is not where our fight is. 

  24. Maybe it’s vintage? $20

    Maybe it's vintage? $20 dollars is what I used to pay for hustlers on Polk St circa 1980.

  25. Remember the days when you

    Remember the days when you could laugh at something that was funny? I didn't think so. Lighten up! If you are so offended by this, maybe you should evaluate your own issues.

  26. You my friend have your head

    You my friend have your head way to far in the clouds. Trying to get people all riled up over something that isn't worth it! Please put all that effort into something more important!!? I really don't think there is a need for this at all. Getting people angry for your lack of comedy,isn't your best look!


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