Is That Andrew Garfield In Public With A Fake Penis?

Image: IFC Films

Is that Andrew Garfield’s…? Oh no, it’s just a fake. Too bad….

Some Not Safe For Work gifs have popped up on our radar lately, and they’re oh so bouncy. The images show the Under the Silver Lake actor walking around what appears to be New York City streets. The thing is, he’s in a thong AND that thong isn’t really covering much. As Garfield hops around the city, Garfield has a pretty large appendage sticking out. But, again, it looks like it’s a fake. Click here to see for yourself.


But where did these gifs come from? Well, they’re the work of NSFW blogger Casper Fan. But CocktailsAndCockTalk reports the actual footage comes from the before-mentioned Mainstream film. Mainstream centers on a young woman (Maya Hawke) who thinks she has found a path to internet stardom. This path takes on the form of a charismatic stranger (Andrew Garfield). The young woman believes she can make YouTube videos with the strange man. But unfortunately for them, their promising future takes a dark and chaotic turn.

While Mainstream officially premiered at the Venice Film Festival on September 5, 2020, it only just recently released in the U.S. According to Deadline, IFC Films purchased U.S. distribution rights for the adult comedy-drama. Having been released on May 7, Mainstream is now available to watch in select theaters and on-demand. In the meantime, you can check out the NSFW gifs.

Source: CocktailsAndCockTalk, Deadline,

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