Is The Lady Gaga/Elton John “Sine From Above” Video Coming Sooner Than We Think?

Lady Gaga’s musical collaborations with the legendary Elton John have thus far, been few and far between publicly (their version of “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” live on the Sunset Strip though, remains a surprise performance that truly stands out). It was not however, until the Chromatica era that we truly got to see Gaga & The Piano Man shine brilliantly together on the luminous single “Sine From Above”, which remains one of the final songs on the package, finally giving fans of both of these trailblazing artists the single that they have been asking for. 

Photo Courtesy of Macy’s/Born This Way Foundation

Earlier this week, Gaga dropped some hints of what the “Sine On Me” video could look like on her Instagram, and it has only increased the intrigue around the release. Whether she is morphing into a tentacle covered creature or strutting in signature claws and sky high platform heels, the “Sine From Above” video looks to be straight out of the Mother Monster playbook, but with the red carpet rolled out for one of music’s biggest living legends. 


Gaga also released some never before seen video footage from her summer anthem with another pop dynamo, Ariana Grande and their infectiously slick single “Rain On Me.” Gaga kicks off the montage by telling her team she wants to “celebrate women”. From intensive choreography practice to what looks to be one of the final rehearsals before the dress rehearsal, Gaga & Grande are shown to be enjoying the collaboration both on and off set. The final shots show the two pop luminaries watching the final cut of the video, marveling at the immediate anthem that they most likely keenly aware that they’ve just created. 



As she prepares to film the “Rain On Me” video, Gaga herself states undeniably “On my gravestone, instead of doing it for the fame- it’s going to say doing it for the gays”

Yaaaassss Gaga!…..

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