Is The Madonna – GaGa Feud Over for Good Good?

It appears as though Madonna and GaGa have called a truce. Or have they? Madonna has been known to throw some serious shade at Lady Gaga over the years, even accusing the current reigning pop icon of copying her signature sounds and looks — though I have never in 40 years seen Madonna wear a dress made of meat.

Madonna’s criticism of GaGa being a 'copier' was something I always found peculiar considering that Madonna’s own career relied heavily upon classic music genres and iconography of the past, including the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Jean Harlow, Sharon Tate and even Barbra Streisand (yes honey, remember that 1970s Blond Afro in the video for “Deeper?”)

In any event, it’s been a well-documented feud, seemingly one-sided and mostly instigated by Madonna. At one point a few years back, Madonna referred to Gaga in an interview with a singular word that has now become one of the most shared memes in internet history. In a moment extracted from the notorious ABC interview, Madonna is asked her thoughts on Lady GaGa’s “Born this way.”  Madonna refers to the then rising pop star’s hit song  as “reductive,” at which point the reporter asks, “What does that mean?”

Madonna replies with a perfect balance of shade and smugness, suggesting the reporter, “Look it up." She then coyly sips from her tea cup like a proper British lady — which made sense at the time I guess, considering she was then speaking with an English accent.

But all shade aside, let’s bring it forward to last night! It now it appears this on-going feud could be over. Time magazine shared an instagram photo from Madonna and Guy Oseary’s super exclusive Oscar after party, featuring the two “rivals” laying down in a warm embrace as GaGa holds her Oscar.  It was reported that Madonna had personally extended the invite to GaGa but suspense loomed as to whether or not GaGa would attend. Well, it looks like she did, but is this finally the end of their rivalry? 

Some have questioned if this is a genuine burying of the hatchet, or just an attempt by Madonna to maintain her legendary pop culture relevance?  Either way, the photo of them together is epic … even if Madonna’s smirk looks a bit menacing, like at any moment she’s going to plunge her K-9s into Stephanie’s neck, have a few gulps, and wake up tomorrow 30 years younger. CHOMP!

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