Is the Marriage Equality Fight over? What does Barney Frank say?



Are we done celebrating?  Far from it I am sure.  With more Pride events happening throughout the month and beyond, the SCOTUS win just sweetens the party. 

But are we done fighting? Once again, far from it I am sure.  To give us a little reality check let's go to Barney Frank, member of the U.S. House of Representatives representing Massachusetts from 1981 to 2013.





The above video was taken at Mainestreet Bar in Ogunquit, Maine during a Dueling Divas Drag show (thanks Chi Chi and Joanna). You can't get a more gayer atmosphere for a same sex history lesson and it's one to make note of.  Frank stated the fight isn't over, especially since the next president may be charged with replacing 2, 3, or more SCOTUS justices. 




Here is another clip, this time audio of an interview Barney Frank did for WBUR in response to the SCOTUS verdict.

Yes, Barney used the same joke about not being able to invite everyone to his wedding.  But how great would that be if that were our only worry in regard to planning our same-sex wedding!

Thanks again Barney Frank for the reality check.  Yes, it is a time to be joyous as you were out last night, and celebrate one major hurdle out of the way, but the fight is not over. With marriage equality being a little bit less of a focus or battle cry, let's not lessen our political drives and instead refocus them on the presidential election of 2016. If we do not do well in November 2016, everything we and Obama have fought for may be reversed.

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