Is the Netflix Reality Star on Your Bang List?

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Is Netflix personality Shayne Jansen attractive?


The 33-year-old real estate agent and personal trainer who found notoriety as a reality show participant has made waves in pop culture since his tenure on Love is Blind. He parlayed his 15 minutes of fame into starring in another Netflix dating show called Perfect Match

Both hot messes are currently available to stream.

His reception in pop culture wasn’t always so warm. At the end of his season of Love is Blind [spoiler alert], Shayne said yes at the alter but his then-fiance, Natalie, infamously dumped him on the spot after a rather aggressive and intense argument demeaned her character. Although Shayne took responsibility for his hostility, the argument never made it to air. 


Worse yet, Shayne and Natalie would try to make the relationship work after the show wrapped, but things fizzled out again when the Chicago native left Natalie at home to film Perfect Match – a dating show – while they were still trying to figure out their romance. Let me not forget to mention his constant need for affirmation. 


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However, on the third episode of Perfect Match, Shayne shared with his fellow castmates that he is addicted to sex. So, it got me thinking… Does a hot body make up for a shitty personality, especially when you’re only looking for a one-night stand or fuck buddy? 


There’s no denying that the reality star is very attractive. He’s funny and zany (claims he has severe ADHD) and, honestly, a touch of wild bad-boy is good for the soul. 

But would you sleep with him knowing his history of misogyny? 

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