Is The New ‘Super Straight’ Trend Transphobic?

Screenshots of different TikTok videos of those claiming to be ‘super straight’ (Photo Credit: [from left to right] Super Straight revolution Twitter Page, Teacher Luke TikTok, and garydasnai1 Tik Tok)

If you have been on social media recently, you might have possibly come upon a new term that is polarizing.  The term in question is ‘super straight’ and it is defined by those who are using it as dating someone of the opposite sex who was born that way. 

According to Distractify, a TikTok user by the name of Kyle Royce appeared to be the first person to coin the term ‘super straight’ in a video that was pulled from the platform.  However, the video was reposted to Twitter.  In the video, Royce refers to being ‘super straight’ as a sexual orientation and insists it is not transphobic.


The trend has taken on a life of its own on TikTok with the hashtag, ‘#superstraight’ receiving over 116 million views.


A Twitter used named AntiFash Gordon posted a tweet with a screenshot of a thread from the website 4chan which appears to instruct users to do the exact tactics that are occurring on both TikTok and Twitter.

Many have responded to the trend by calling out those who identify themself as ‘super straight’ as transphobic.




While the ‘super straights’ are claiming they are being discriminated against.



Another level added to the whole trend is a ‘super straight’ pride flag with the colors black and orange with some versions have the letters ‘SS’ in the center of each color.

While Royce remains on TikTok, he has started a GoFundMe page on Sunday, March 7 with text on the page claiming:


After creating the original “Super Straight” video, I have received an insane amount of backlash and death threats. People found my family and have been set to ruin our lives; even attacking my mother’s business. Especially since I got COVID-19 currently and am homeless, stuck staying at my girlfriend’s house: some help and funding would be so greatly appreciated from the Super Straight Community

As of Monday evening, Royce has raised $535 of his $100,000 goal.

It should also be noted that this trend is going on three weeks before International Transgender Day of Visibility.

What are your thoughts on the ‘super straight’ trend? Let us know in the comments or on our social media accounts.


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5 thoughts on “Is The New ‘Super Straight’ Trend Transphobic?”

  1. The super straight movement isn’t transphobic and the creator has spoken out about this and cleared up a lot of the controversy. You can search it on his channel on Youtube: SUPER STRAIGHT EXPLANATION ORIGNAL CREATOR.

    But I would like to point out it does point out a lot of hypocrisy within the sexuality and gender debate. A while ago it was simpler, you were either heterosexual or homosexual all these extra labels were created. If his sexuality was not accepted by the left then why is something like sapiosexual accepted which could be interpreted as ableist. There’s an imense spectrum that is truly unecssasary. If superstraight is not accepted because it simply is a difference in opinion than someone else, then these other sexualities shouldn’t exist either.
    I’m tired of writing if you want further elaboration check out “Super Straight: The new ‘transphobic’ Sexuality”, by Matt Walsh
    Abrosexual – Abrosexuality is described as an individual who experiences their sexuality change frequently. It can fluctuate between different sexualities often. – Definition: Urban Dictionary

    Androgynosexual – An androgynosexual describes a person who is sexually attracted to men and women, particularly those of androgynous appearance. – Definition: AvenWiki

    Androsexual – An androsexual is anyone who has sexual feelings towards masculinity. This term is usually used by gender-queer individuals who do not fall within heterosexuality or homosexuality. – Definition: AvenWiki & Openminded

    Aromantic – A person who is aromantic does not experience romantic attraction. This person does not have to identify as asexual & they still may experience sensual & aesthetic attraction. – Definition: Urban Dictionary

    Asexual – Asexual is the term used to describe a person who feels little to no sexual attraction to anyone – Definition: Spunout

    Biromantic – A person who is romantically attracted to two sexes or genders. Biromantic asexuals seek romantic relationships for companionship, affection, and intimacy, but they are not sexually attracted to their romantic partners. – Definition: Urban Dictionary

    Bisexuality – Bisexuals are sexually attracted to two or more genders – Definition: Wikipedia

    Ceterosexual – Someone who experiences sexual/romantic attraction only to non-binary people. This label is used as a non-problematic term for skoliosexuality only to be used by non-binary people. – Definition: Tumblr

    Demisexual – Demisexual refers to a person who doesn’t experience sexual attraction unless they form an emotional connection – Definition: AvenWiki

    Demiromantic – This term is a type of grey-romantic who only experiences romantic attraction after developing an emotional connection. They do not experience primary romantic attraction, but are capable of secondary romantic attraction. – Definition: AvenWiki

    Finsexual – The attraction to women, females and femininity – Definition: AminoApps

    Gay – A person who identifies as homosexual. Definition: English Dictionary

    Gynosexual – Anyone who has sexual feelings towards a woman or femininity. The term can be useful when describing the sexual orientation of an individual with a non-binary gender identity. – Definition: AvenWiki

    Grey-Romantic – A grey-romantic is a person with a romantic orientation that is somewhere between aromantic & romantic. – Definition: Urban Dictionary

    Heterosexual – A person sexually attracted to people of the opposite sex – Definition: Google

    Homosexuality – A person sexually attracted to people of ones own sex. – Definition: Google

    Heteroromantic – Romantically attracted to a member of the opposite sex or gender. They may seek romantic intimacy but they’re not sexually attracted to partners. – Definition: AvenWiki

    Homoromantic – Romantically attracted to someone of the same sex or gender. They may seek romantic intimacy but they’re not sexually attracted to partners. – Definition: AvenWiki

    Lesbian – A homosexual woman whose emotional, romantic and sexual feelings are towards women. – Definition: Urban Dictionary

    Omnisexual – Omnisexuals are attracted to all genders,=. Gender can still be a factor in their attraction, unlike pansexuals, who don’t care about gender. – Definition: Urban Dictionary

    Pansexuality –A person whose romantic and/or sexual attraction towards others is not limited by sex or gender.

    Panromantic – Is a person that can be romantically attracted to all genders, but not sexually. – Definition: Urban Dictionary

    Pomosexuality – Refers to non-orientation in which people disregard sexuality labels altogether. Basically, labels are seen as superficial and insignificant to someone who identities as pomosexual. – Definition: Urban Dictionary

    Polysexual – Is the attract to some, but not all, genders. They may be attracted to any combination of possible genders, including binary & non-binary. – Definition: Urban Dictionary

    Queer – An LGBTQ+ term the community is reclaiming. An identity label that is non-specific about a persons sexual orientation. – Definition: Urban Dictionary

    Questioning – To be unsure of or re-examining ones previous assumption of sexual orientation.

    Straight – An heterosexual

    Skoliosexual – The attraction to non-binary individuals. – Definition: Urban Dictionary

    Sapiosexual – Sexually attracted to intelligence or the human mind – Definition: Wikitionary

  2. People should be free to state their sexual orientation and their sexual preference, and that includes LGBT+ as well as straight people. However this doesn’t earn bragging points, since it is simply an innate personal characteristic, and therefore not chosen. In that sense, this “super-straight” nom-de-plume appears to be braggadocio, since no-one is forcing this individual to date anyone in particular, let alone a transgender person. He is free to choose, so just get on with it.

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  4. I agree with the other guys comment.
    This is a cancel culture story wrapped up in leftists crying “transphobia!”
    He is allowed to voice his opinions.
    Kyle Royce does not like chicks with dicks.
    Nuff said.
    But now he and his family are canceled because he has a normal preference.
    LGBTQ community is sooooo accepting and understanding *sarcasm*

  5. On Twitter the tag seems NOT transphobic and NOT especially right leaning. More like centre. As a left/lib (but not woke/progressive) I think this makes sense.

    I support #superstraight because it points out some quite obvious problems.
    • ‘newspeak’ and cancel culture
    • trans extremism
    • neglecting women’s rights
    • ignoring biology
    • questioning free choices


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