Is “The Real Housewives Of DC” Returning To Television?

The Real Housewives of D.C. launched in August 2010 to a tremendous amount of fanfare. The show followed the lives of five accomplished and complicated women (socialite Michaele Salahi, real estate agent Stacie Turner, British import Cat Ommanney, fashion maven Lynda Erkiletian, & charity head & native Washingtonian Mary Amons) as they navigated the social and political world of the Beltway while at the same time, balancing their families and their friendships. The show also became notorious to have cast “White House party crasher” Tariq & Michaele Salahi, who infamously attended a White House State Dinner for India’s Prime Minister, potentially without an actual invitation for them to be there. This infraction and the fallout that occurred after (including the Congressional hearings that were aired during the finale of the show) seemed to be the death knell for the show, which never received a second season. 

Bravo never gave The Real Housewives of DC a second season, despite reports was that footage was filmed and a “bitchy” Housewife was being looked for to replace Michaele Salahi and the show was officially cancelled in April of 2011. Andy Cohen seemed to reveal at BravoCon exactly why the franchise set in the nation’s capital never returned (below). 

As the ten year reunion of the premiere of the landmark reality show approaches, it seems there may be a little life left in the show yet. Recent tweets from former cast member Mary Amons indicate that a reunion to commemorate the show is officially in the works…

In a surprising twist, when asked if original cast member Michaele Salahi would be attending the reunion, Amons was all for it; 

While many thought that BravoCon would be a perfect time to reunite the women for fans, it seems Bravo may have a special announcement coming soon…

While we await news on the official reunion, stylist Paul Wharton (who was featured heavily on #RHODC as a friend of the ladies) coordinated a reunion on Paul Wharton Style several years ago, which Erkiletian, Amons, and Turner attended. The conversation veered from reflections on the show, on their lives at that time, and some interesting bones they had to pick with each other.

Since the airing of the show, four of the cast members have divorced, including Salahi, and several of the women have left D.C. entirely. The upcoming Bravo reunion is poised to be almost as interesting and as the last time all five women were together for their Season 1 reunion. 

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