Is This Hollywood Elite Still Smashable at Age 59?

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

OK. Hear me out before you pelt me with tomatoes. 

Last night, my husband and I went to see The Pope’s Exorcist in theaters because we’re both big horror movie fans. Loosely based on true events, the film follows perhaps the world’s greatest exorcist as he uncovers the mystery surrounding a demonic presence haunting a small family. The exorcist is silly, overconfident and maybe a drunk. But there is one scene in particular where I thought, “You know what? I’d smash.” 


If it pleases the court, I will now provide exhibit A.

It’s the ego, the spread legs, the powerful charisma and the grey beard… I can think of something that I want to forcefully enter my body until I act crazy. 


Little did I know, the priest was played by one of the Hollywood elite – Oscar Winner Russell Crowe. With a career spanning five decades, the New Zealand native rose to fame throughout the late 90s and early 2000s with roles in A Beautiful Mind, L.A. Confidential, The Quick and the Dead and his biggest hit to date Gladiator. He was most recently seen in Thor: Love and Thunder and now The Pope’s Exorcist. 

He recently turned age 59. 

Different strokes for different folks. Old, young, black, white, twink, bear – we all have something different that turns us on. Body positivity, am I right?


Here are a few photos of Russell Crowe in recent years.

And now I ask you… Is Russell Crowe a GILF? Is he still a DILF for a few more years? Comment and let me know your thoughts while I fantasize about this hot priest.



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