Is Tinder Setting Your Dating Life On Fire?

How hard is it to find someone out there?  My phone has 9 to 18 dating apps that I sometimes treat as a roulette table … sign in and let it ride. It's pretty exhausting sometimes to find a REAL DATE out there.  And when you find someone that seems too good to be true, they are!  They're end up being spam saying he's a soldier over seas looking for love, or their a model and they need an advance because their boss didn't pay them yet, or they're in an open relationship but are looking for someone better. That's not spam, that was real! Ouch!

As a gay male, I branched out and have started to give Tinder a try (unfortunately that's where I was finding the "broke models").  Even with the fakes here and there like all other sites/apps, once a connection is made, the people seem to be a little more real than some of the other apps.  I haven't branched out as far as doing the or the eHarmony, but those may be next.  let's give this app only site a chance.

Tinder’s app of course uses geography to suggests potential matches. One issue I have with that is many of my matches are visiting Miami and Fort Lauderdale.  When we finally start chatting, they're home in Latin America thousands of miles away.  I wish Tinder wouldn't drop someone into the dating scene if they were just there for three days.  By doing so, it leans a little to the hook-up scene, I think.

I haven't had a boat load of luck on Tinder except for chatting with Brazilians, Argentinians, Peruvians, etc, but they're not tle locals I want to grab a drink with.

Tinder recently released an infographic with some interesting facts on there.  It also shared some ideas as to how to get more likes, from what to wear, where the pic should be taken, and when you should be getting online to search.

Here are some of the bits I found worthwhile to me and maybe to you, our readers.


The next section is The Location of People Pictures With The Highest Average Response Rates.  Above was just pics in general, this is more what people like to see in different parts of the world.  So when considering posting that pic, maybe you should consider mor than your smile and your clothes.  Think about the scenery, too as well as where you live and what people like to see.  No more pics of you in the bathroom with the toilet in the background.

And about those clothes.  What should you wear? Women should be casual to formal and men should be shirtless.  Well okay!

Do we have high hopes for Tinder?  I wonder how these numbers compare with the other "dating sites."

These numbers on this next slide are of course for every breathing person out there, not just the LGBTQ community.

And Tinder is of course out there to make money,  but it is good to see they are sharing some of it.  We want a wedding a month, Tinder!

Have you had any luck on Tinder?

If you are on Tinder, do you feel it is a good site for LGBTQ people to make a match?

Is Tinder more of a dating app or is it still just all about the sex?

For more of the infographic, head over to


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