Is Trump’s GOP The Same As Lincoln’s Republican Party ? Helpful Video Says …

I've been blue in the face trying to educate friends as to why The Republican Party of today is NOT Abraham Lincoln's Republican Party.  Here's a simple and very educational video posted by Ezra Klein from to help us understand the shifting that has occurred not only in Lincoln's Republican Party, but as well by default, the Democratic Party.




Some aspects were not covered, but not every measure could be mentioned. For what is presented, it is a great educational tool to show why Lincoln and Trump are not really of the same political mindset, but you didn't need this video to tell you that.


For another perspective on the history of the Republican Party, here's an excerpt from

For more than fifty years, the Republican Party, has betrayed its distant, noble 19th century origin as ”the party of Lincoln” and has moved inexorably toward its degeneration into the party of Donald J. Trump: the rump repository of poor, ill-educated, mostly white, xenophobic anger and class resentment.

To those who aren’t students of political history, it may seem crazy that a vulgar, bloviating, serially insulting, spray-tanned, combed-over, shoot-from-the hip billionaire real estate mogul turned reality TV personality with zero political or government experience could seize the Presidential nomination of one of our nation’s two major political parties. But, if you’ve been paying attention since 1964 (or you’ve done the least bit of research), you wouldn’t be so shocked.

Given trends in the Republican party over the past half century, The Donald’s domination of the Republican nominating process should not be a surprise at all: the blitzkrieg elevation of Trump 2016 was, if not inevitable, then certainly very, very, very possible.

With Trump as their standard bearer, whether Republicans like it or not, the chickens have come home to roost for the Grand Old Party.

The phrase “the chickens have come home to roost” means that the bad things someone did in the past have come back to bite them. They must deal with the consequences of dark deeds done long ago. –

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Is Trump's GOP the same as Lincoln's GOP?  What about even Reagan's GOP?

Has the Democratic Party had more stability or just as many changes? 

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