Israeli Journalist And Religious Affairs Reporter Comes Out As Gay

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Yair Cherki, a religious affairs reporter for Israel’s N12 network came out as gay in a lengthy statement on his Facebook page. The 30-year-old prominent Orthodox journalist used his social networks to announce that he “loves men and God. It is not contradictory. It is nothing new.” Cherki is a household name in Israel, beloved for his curls and his cheery demeanor. 


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In the lengthy statement, Cherki spoke powerfully about his emotions, his state of mind, and his feelings about the coming out process,

“I write these words shaking, postponing for tomorrow. For next week, for after the holidays. Maybe it’s been ten years since I’ve been writing and erasing. But now I am thirty years old. And I write not because I have the strength to write but because I have no power to stay silent.”



Cherki also spoke about his faith and his sexuality and the supposed contradictions of the two explaining, 

“I live the conflict between my sexual preference and my faith all the time. Some have solved the conflict for themselves by saying that there is no god, while others explain that there is no homosexuality. I know both exist. And I try to reconcile this contradiction within myself in various ways. These are things between god and me. This is neither a fashion nor a trend nor a political statement. It is simply me. It’s another part of who I am and who I have been since the day I made up my mind. My community is still a religious community. This is my tribe, and this is my family and friends. These are my beliefs. They did not change but took shape over the years alongside the doubt and complexity.”



Cherki ends the poignant statement with a shout-out to the haters telling them,

“I know that this truth I shared here saddens people dear to me whom I love very much. I hope you find a place in your soul that allows you to discuss this properly and understand that this step was made after deep thought and consideration. Your sorrow, perhaps, also stems from a lack of understanding of what I am actually talking about here. I tried to ignore it for years. Then push. And repress. And treat. I do not regret any attempt and effort; maybe without these attempts, I would not have been able to reach my conclusions—it is just a shame that it took so long.”


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