Issa Rae Wants To Revisit LGBTQ Issues On Her HBO Show Insecure

Screenshot via Youtube

A few months ago, while many people stormed HBO to dine on the decadent Game of Thrones series and then fly away to await the next episode, some stuck around an hour to enjoy Insecure.

If you don’t know, Insecure is an HBO show staring Issa Rae. Rae grew popular for her Youtube web series Awkward Black Girl before getting greenlit by HBO to have her own show.

Insecure follows Issa Rae’s character Issa and best friend Molly as they go through the black female experience concerning careers, relationships, and sex.

The season of the show was  major success (enough to earn it two more seasons), and it even touched on gay culture when a male character stated that he had a gay experience before.

The episode then looked at the double standard of society accepting women’s right to explore their sexuality and looking badly on men for doing the same.

Now, it looks like Issa Rae may be willing to take another look at LGBTQ life and this time for transgender people.

BET asked Issa Rae “Do you see the show tackling transgender issues?” and she responded:

“Yes, it’s just figuring out the right way to do that. I think so many other shows are doing a great job without feeling like it’s shoehorned and it fits in naturally. For us, it’s just about finding the most natural way. There’s so many topics we wanted to explore but, at the end of the day, we are just trying to tell a good story without anything feeling forced. It’s something I’d love to tackle. We almost did it this season but it didn’t fit within the story we were trying to tell. Hopefully, we’ll see what season three will hold.”

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