It May Be Evans’ Transformation, But We’re Reaping The Benefits

Who knew that it was possible for Luke Evans to get any hotter? The 42 year old Welsh actor has packed on some serious muscle over the last year, chronicling his transformation in a series of shirtless selfies.

The thirst trap professional has been casually posting pictures of himself on his Instagram account – and it’s very evident that he’s been lifting more than just his cellphone to capture some selfies, he’s been lifting some serious weights in the gym! Evans’ 3 million Instagram followers have been getting treated to breakfast selfies, sweaty gym pics featuring bulging biceps and globetrotting pictures, all shirtless. Not that Evans was ever really out of shape, but hey – in life there’s always room for improvement right?

Evans’ muscle bulk transformation has been in preparation for the movie The Little Townbut there are rumors swirling that it may also be for the legendary role of British secret agent James Bond.

Whether Evans is bulking up for movie roles, his love life or just to be summertime fine – he is certainly succeeding and we hope he continues to despise wearing shirts.





What do you think of Luke Evans’ body transformation?

6 thoughts on “It May Be Evans’ Transformation, But We’re Reaping The Benefits”

  1. Flo why such an ass? Your mommy drop you on your head as a baby? Must have for someone to make fun of others with your dented head.

  2. Ew, he needs to get his teeth whiten. What is up with those british people and their horrible looking teeth. The whole tea thing should be stopped. So horrible and damaging.

      • Listen, if you want to be looked at as a sex symbol in the gay community, you better be gorgeous. Luke is hot, good body and a good actor but the stained teeth knocked his point spread down a bit.

        • What is wrong with you? I see no issue with his teeth. Only issue is your spreading negativity like a disease. Go home.

          • Oh honey, get yer eyes checked. His teeth are in need of some white strips. He is an actor, he can afford it!

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