It Turns Out “It” Star Bill Skarsgård Looks Super Hot Naked and Has An Adorable Butt

Bill Skarsgård had practically impossible expectations to live up to in filling Tim Curry’s clown shoes in last year’s It.


But hey— he ultimately did a good job. No one can match the robust, almost gleeful, deranged menace of Curry, but Skarsgård’s more restrained Pennywise was enough to scare up $700.4 million worldwide and make It the most successful horror movie of all time.

Perhaps you’ve heard: Skarsgård is totally hot, like supermodel hot, in real life.

Well, now he’s taken his pants off (again) in Hulu’s critically acclaimed psychological thriller series Castle Rock, set within the multiverse of Stephen King.

OMG Blog has given us a lovely GIF of his Swedish butt in motion on the show. Here’s a sneak peek. The actor has a very lean frame and a frankly adorable little butt.



On a side note, it’s very likely the actor will win a “Best Villain” trophy at Sunday’s Teen Choice Awards. That’s not certain, but he’s got a good chance.

For more of Skarsgård’s awesome bum in Castle Rock, go to OMG Blog.

Also, if you want to see more of Bill (like, literally ALL of Bill), check out this NSFW link (and thank us later).

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