It Was A Long Weekend Full Of Protests, Marches, And Copy Cakes. Are We Inspired?

This week was a rollercoaster of emotions for not just America, but the world.  I tried to tune out coverage of Friday's parade celebrating some guy getting a temp position down in D.C.  Why so much celebration over a 4 year position? Well, we know why.  I will recall I was avoiding television and media on a Friday in January of 2017, but I will happily always recall where I was on Tuesday, January 20, 2009. Such a difference of emotions. 

A similar swing of heart and heartache occurred not in an 8-year span, but within hours as DC was transformed from a bigly republican celebration to a massive showing of support for women everywhere. 

We saw a few Trump protests on January 20th, but what we wanted to really see was the power behind the Women's March.  No matter where you were in the world, you did not have too far to look.  An event highly publicized as a march on Washington, became a march in major cities across the globe. 

Below, we have compiled some of the striking images and videos of the two days, more from the women's march.  For more amazing pictures of the glopbal Women's March, head over to  There were too many to share here and that is a good thing!

Before you jump down and see the power of the Women's March, here are some thoughts.  During the whole Women's March coverage, I kept saying to myself, this is what PRIDE should be.  It's just my opinion, but Pride should be a world event on the same day.  It should be more about politics, acceptance, love, progression, respect, and not "I need to look good in a speedo for the float so I better lay off the water and food for days and just eat shaved lettuce." 

We should choose a day / weekend, may it be an anniversary weekend of Stonewall, Pulse, or another designated time where we all join together and show our voice.  Maybe an original day or scheduled like Mother's Day or Father's Day.  Will it be as large as the Women's March?  I do not know.  Do we have enough to march for?  Oh yes.  We know we do have many equalities that are out of our reach.  We should learn from this march and plan a movement of our own.  It will be a long four years before that temp job ends, and even after that, there will most likely be more to fight for. Maybe we can not only enjoy these pictures below, but also be inspired to do more for our own fight.


Austin Anti Trump Rally.






On Saturday morning, Tiffany MacIsaac, owner of Washington’s Buttercream Bakeshop, stepped forward to say she had been the one to create the much-talked-about cake.

She said that the order came in while she was out of town and that the client had brought in a photo of the cake from Obama’s inauguration, asking her to re-create it.

“They came to us a couple of weeks ago, which is pretty last minute, and said ‘We have a photo that we would like to replicate,’ ” MacIsaac told The Washington Post by phone. Her bakery tried to encourage the client to use the photo as “inspiration,” as they do with many others, she said.

“They said, ‘Nope, they want this exact cake. It’s perfect.’ And we said, ‘Great,’ ” MacIsaac said. Neither she nor her spokeswoman revealed who placed the order. The Salute to Our Armed Services Ball was one of three official presidential inaugural balls held Friday and open by invitation only to members of the military, veterans, first responders and their families. –




Downtown Los Angeles Women's March


America Ferrera at "Women's March" In Washington DC (FULL SPEECH)


Scarlett Johansson Speech






Elizabeth Warren in Boston










What do you think?