Italian Man Charged With Killing His Sibling For Dating A Transman

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An Italian man has been accused of, and charged for allegedly, killing his own sister after finding out she was dating a transman.

According to ANSA General News, 25-year-old Michele Antonio Gaglione was arrested for allegedly ramming the scooter his 22-year-old sister was riding on with her 22-year-old partner in Caivano, within the province of Naples. According to the suspect’s parents, however, the sister, Maria Paola, died in a simple car accident and Michele did not intentionally cause the crash. As the Gaglione family’s representation, Domenico Paolella, said during preliminary investigations, Maria Paola had been missing for weeks.


“He explained to the judge that the family had lost trace of Maria Paola for several weeks,” Paolella told the preliminary investigation judge. “She packed her bags and went.”

The lawyer then added, “When Antonio saw her in the seat of a scooter, he followed with his motorbike to ask her to come back home, to talk, to get her to reason. She went without giving any explanations and the whole family was devastated.”

Ciro Migliore & Maria Paola Gaglione / Image via Facebook

For Ciro Migliore, the partner who survived the crash, the loss of his girlfriend has been a terrible fate.


“I can’t stand it. It should have happened to both of us,” he told a news conference after being treated for injuries.

On Tuesday, September 15, Migliore was accompanied by police to visit Maria’s body before the funeral. He then left a poster near the site where Maria died reading, “We were running alone towards our freedom, or at least we though we were, towards our great happiness. Wherever you are, my heart will be with you”.

Daniela Falanga, the chair of the Naples branch of LGBTQ organization Arcigay, also spoke to reporters to express her support of Migliore and her condemnation of the Gaglione family.

00″I spoke to Ciro… the two youngsters had repeatedly had death threats,” Falanga said. “In a way, they were expecting what happened.”

Michele Antonio Gaglione is currently in jail and is being investigated for manslaughter.

Source: ANSA General News, Today IT,

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