Italy Advances As Football Favorite (With Shorts On)

There’s more than a bro embrace when Italy celebrates a win (screen capture from YouTube video below)

Last night in a tense shoot-out in overtime, Italy’s football team bested Spain to advance in the Euro 2020 / 2021 championship tournament. 

For those of us who are superficial fans at best (I base my cheering less on football prowess and more on the physical beauty of the players, which is why I was saddened to see my ginger heartthrob Debruyne of Belgium lose to Italy on July 3rd) the tournament has been marked by its fair share of politics and controversy already


But as a major recompense on their part, the Italians celebrated their win by shedding their shorts. I was prepared for the now familiar post-game exchange of jerseys by players, but was very, VERY pleasantly surprised when the Italians took it a step further and began shedding their shorts. 


Talk about Forza Italia… woof. 

And of course the Internet exploded in Europe afterwards…

So of course I had to see if this post-Belgium victory celebration was just a one-off, or a new Italian football tradition. I am sad to report that it seems to have been just a spontaneous moment of Italian exuberance, which is fine as well, but boy-oh-boy would I love for it to become a regular part of Euro football going forward. 

Ciao bello ragazzi!

Source: YouTube

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  1. Don’t get excited queens, they did not do it for you. Don’t make everything gay because it doesn’t that way! Lmfao!


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