It’s 11:30. Diet Coke Break.

The thick and sexy artist Big Dipper’s latest video will quench your THIRST. The co-host of the podcast ‘unBEARable’ and creative mind behind the hot and wet video LOOKIN has worked with Y’all or Nothing to bring us a throwback to a very memorable Diet Coke commercial that features an office full of women who rush to their window to watch a construction worker cool off with an ice cold can of Diet Coke. Yeah, you know you’ve been there.


Y’all or Nothing is a queer production company based out of Austin, Texas.

Big Dipper has brought his signature big boy appeal to the classic ad and incorporated a gaggle of office gays looking to ogle a big and beefy construction worker during the notorious 11:30 Diet Coke break. Whether you’re a bear lover or not, there’s no denying that BD’s video will make you bring out your inner voyeur.


Big Dipper has already rocked our socks off with his appreciation for La Croix in his video LaCroix Boi, but now it seems he’s keeping it fizzy with his love for Diet Coke…and yeah, we love it too! This post is not sponsored.

In June we spoke with Big Dipper who shared his views on the importance of body positivity in his projects:

The vibe of the song is a reminder that confidence and loving yourself is the most empowering thing you can do.  It is so much more effective to love yourself in the skin you're in than to be ashamed and constantly beat yourself up for not looking like other people. Everyone is sexy to someone.




Still thirsty?

Some of you may have not even been born when the original commercial aired…or some of you may need your memories refreshed. So check out the original:




h/t: Y’all or Nothing YouTube, Big Dipper YouTube


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