It’s Bear Week In Sitges, Spain

Celebrating Bear Week in Sitges, Spain

It’s currently Bear Week in Sitges, Spain, and Instinct is there for all the furry goodness.

Sitges Bear Week, one of the biggest bear events in Europe, began September 1 and will continue through September 11.

Since 2001, the event has grown from a small gathering outside a single bar to a large international event drawing over 5,000 gay bears and the men who admire them.

Throughout the festival, there are art exhibitions, wine tours, beach boat tours, evening dance parties featuring world-famous DJs (Thiago Oliveira, Perfecto, ESWL, Pascal), and of course every day begins with lots of ‘bears on the beach.’

For more info – click here.

And to give you a sense of what you can expect, check out Instinct’s photos from the first few days at Sitges Bear Week below.

Cocktail hour in the gay square watching the parade go by
DJ Thiago at work during the first night of the Bear Village

(all photos by Randy Slovacek, Chad Saunders)

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