It’s Been 5 Years Since Lenny Kravitz (Accidentally) Showed Us His Meat Mic

The funny peeps over at shared a significant anniversary with the world a few days ago, and I think most of us missed it. Am I referring to a national holiday? No, although some might argue it could be one or maybe should be.  


August 3, 2020, marked the 5th anniversary of Lenny Kravitz’s tight leather pants splitting while he performed live on-stage in Stockholm, Sweden. As Vice reminds us, the year was 2015; the temperature outdoors was hot as balls, and not conducive to wearing leather pants. That is unless, of course, you are the Rock God Lenny Kravitz.

Cover Image – “Let Love Rule” Lenny Kravitz

Concert goers got an eyeful that day as Kravitz squatted down abruptly in his signature style of theatrical guitar soloing – but it was his ding dong that stole the show. Instantly, as Kravitz crouched down, the seam of his leather pants split, and out popped his flaccid, pierced goods! As Vice also reminds us, yes, Lenny’s is part of the Prince Albert club.

I remember at the time this was a fun and sexy story as video of the moment Lenny’s junk broke free went viral all over and everywhere. I remember watching it on loop and hitting pause a few times, and zooming in. Hey, I was curious like the rest of the world to see what was up. Twitter had a field day, but in particular, one person had what I think was a hilarious response to this internationally-viewed wardrobe malfunction; Kravitz’s then 25-year-old daughter, Zoe.


Zoe Kravitz, the gorgeous daughter Lenny and actress Lisa Bonet, chimed in on Twitter after her Dad’s penis was seen worldwide. She gave a typical response for a kid with a parent in such a situation. Her tweet: “OMG Dad! Ewww!”

Sorry, the world disagrees with you, Zoe! 

In a more bizarre moment of what Lenny called #Penisgate, he shared an ambiguous Tweet from fellow Rock God Steven Tyler of Aerosmith who wrote, 

“Dude…No underwear and pierced…Fuck me..You never showed me that shit.” 


So on that note, please wait a minute, Mr. Tyler, I’m curious to know how … I mean, where would… when would he have shown you … oh never mind (inquiring minds want to know). Anyway, I’ll leave that between those two and wish a happy belated anniversary to Lenny Kravitz’s Prince Albert!

Flop on over to for more on Lenny’s dong-i-versary highlights and to see the video. (NSFW).

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