It’s Ru-vealed How Gaga Makes Her Entrance Into Ru Paul’s Drage Race. Spoilers!

What does Ru Paul do when she makes it to Season 9?  She returns home to NYC with some new friends and shares her success.

Drag Fans in the Big Apple were able to snatch not just a preview of Season 9, but apparently the entire first episode. Besides just introducing the fans to the new contestants, Ru gave them the realness of a full show.





Oh Lady Bunny! Of course we are all dying to see how fantabulous Lady Gaga will be on Drag Race.  We've only been drooling about it for months!

Lady Gaga To Appear On 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season 9!!!

RuPaul Discusses 'Drag Race' Premiere & Lady Gaga's Appearance On 'Good Morning America'


And thanks to one attendee we get to see how they brought her onto the show.  Do I have to say spoilers?






Epic win for us all!  Cannot wait!

And we are happy you finally get your 2013 wish Gaga.



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