It’s Saturday Night, All I Want Is A Man And A Pizza.

It's often that every month I am on the road for at least two weekends traveling around the country or crossing some international border. Being away from home does get tiresome. I love to travel, but I also like a quiet evening in. 

The last two weekends found me in Portland, Oregon and Boise, Idaho.  Both places were pretty amazing and I would go back to either one if asked. But this weekend, it's just me, my bed, my shower, and some time to catch up on personal things. Friends want to go out, I just want to stay in.

This calls for a pizza night. Not wanting to be alone, I fired up the old Instagram oven and cooked me up the @menwithpizza account. Here are the delectables I found.  And who said don't play with your food. 

Don't you want a man that longs for a pizza like you do? A man that looks like he got a chubby when he opened up the box?


  We love a man that is willing and able to share his dripping slice of heaven with us.


Who are we kidding, any boy that wants to order appetizers AND pizza, he can sit with us, and his friend, too.


But what about the boys that confuse us? What to eat first!?! 


We've mixed men and pizza, but never a bath and pizza. We're versatile, just as long as we can mess up that hair!


The love of pizza (and men) is international. France is calling and it looks like he's dripping with anticipation.


And what do the boys need after a long Halloween week?  Some pizza of course!


Sometimes I need to watch out and not wear white while eating pizza.  Toppings will fall off, sauce may splatter.  We need to help this guy off with his pristine white shirt.  Looks too tight in the arms anyway.  May disrupt his grip on the pizza. He'll need help eating both of those pies.


But we love a man that's ready for a slumber party with pizza.  Looks like the television, surround sound, and Appletv remotes are ready to go.  Let's binge watch with him! 


I've never eaten a box before, but I may just have to in this case. Something looks hot 'n' ready.


Imagine coming home and seeing this one warming up the bed and the pizza.  We'd never leave the house. 



Well, now that all the saliva is out of my body and all the blood is below the belt …

Have you tagged yourself in one of these types of groups before?






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