Ivanka Trump Posts Pride Tweet Denouncing Hate

Ivanka Trump at an event in the White House on April 28 for small business owners. (Photo Credit: Ivanka Trump via her official Twitter page)

What do you with a tone-deaf girl like Ivanka? Apparently, the answer is read her for filth.  With June 1st being the beginning of LGBTQ+ Pride Month, many people have started posting messages to commemorate Pride, and one of those people was President Trump’s daughter and White House Special Advisor, Ivanka Trump.  The first daughter posted her Pride tweet with the phrase “Less hate, more love.”

It did not take long for people to call her out.  Some called out the anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and policies, while others tweeted photos from the attack on the protestors in D.C. to callout Ivanka’s complicity.

Ivanka’s tweet on Monday was not the first time she had tweeted a tone-deaf pride message only to have a wealth of critical tweets unleashed on her.   In 2017, Ivanka tweeted:

The response, as expected, was immense and full of vitriol.

Nor had this been the first time Ivanka posted a tone-deaf tweet.

Of course, you cannot blame people for their rebuke of the First Daughter.  She has the ear of the President not only because of her familial connection to the President, but also according to her Twitter bio she is “Advisor to POTUS on job creation + economic empowerment, workforce development & entrepreneurship.”  Yet she has posed in pictures with Jim Garlow, who has said many inflammatory things about the LGBTQ+ community

Anti-LGBTQ activist Jim Garlow and Ivanka Trump (image via Twitter)

Many have likened her to Marie Antoinette for her tone-deaf social media posts.

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  1. She knows damn well that her dad thinks she’s hot and that she can get Daddy to do anything she wants. The fact that she pretends to be of sound liberal mind is laughable. She would have a thousand foreign children making faux hand bags in a heartbeat if it would add a couple million to her swiss bank account by Christmas. She could persuade Daddy to make the changes in favor of the things she pretends to support, but those are just words, words to help Daddy get re-elected so the money keeps rolling in!


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