“I’ve Been Shadowbanned! They’re Trying To Silence Me!”

Adam Rippon trolls and snatches wigs of oh-too-serious 'content creators' in a hilarious parody video posted to his Instagram account
Adam Rippon ponders social media (screen captures)

Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon posted a satirical video today to his Instagram that’s not only funny, but trolls/skewers/snatches the wigs of so many so-called ‘influencers.’

Beginning with a calm, poised tone, Rippon addresses the camera saying, “I think people take social media too seriously.” That’s immediately followed by a quick cut to a slightly tense Adam tersely proclaiming, “The internet makes you crazy.”


Flipping back to calm Adam number one, “I think some people become so consumed…with their online presence that…it ruins every part of their life.”

But a crunchier Adam number two keeps interrupting with the freak out, “I’ve been SHADOWBANNED!!!…they’re trying to silence me!!!”


America’s sweetheart then riffs on ideas of content to create for his followers ranging from: “What if I gave a closet tour…” to “what if I dressed like Roxie Hart in a wig….”

Along the way, the idea of a “loaded gun” making an appearance begins to crystallize in every concept even as Rippon finds the time to blithely note an abundant amount of mulch on a neighbor’s lawn.

“I guess the best advice I could give to content creators out there is…stick to your guns; do what you love,” says our hero in warm, soothing tones. Meanwhile, Adam number two continues exploring that gun idea with just the right amount of ‘look’ in his eyes.

What’s brilliant about the clip is how it succinctly captures a bit of the mania that can consume some ‘content creators.’


This writer can honestly say I’ve literally heard the frantic cry, “I’ve been shadowbanned!” from a semi-demi social media ‘influencer.’ It’s not pretty.

Adam Rippon riffs on how chasing social media can ruin one's life
Adam Rippon (screen capture)

This isn’t the first time Rippon has shown he knows his way around comedy. In his 2019 memoir, Beautiful On The Outside, the Olympic bronze medalist shared his own story with a deft touch of humor even in relating his darker days.

He’s also riffed on pumpkin spice lattes for Cosmopolitan, and served up his full, unfiltered self on the Dancing with the Stars dance floor as he snatched up that disco ball trophy and championship crown.


All while falling in love, getting married in a New Years’ Eve ceremony, and not taking himself too seriously.

Bravo, Adam Rippon. You made us laugh. You win Tuesday.

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  1. Thanks for the laugh 🙂 There’s so many funny gay guys , I have several in my group of friends they make the world go round 🙂


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