Jack Tracy Delivers ‘The Feels’ (& Quarantine Body) In His New Video

One thing we can all agree on is that quarantine has left us feeling sorely missing connection, specifically of the physical kind. Jack Tracy is delivering that message in a smoldering & soul-inspired way with his video for ‘The Feels’ (and check out that quarantine body)! Tracy is much more than a sultry recording artist though; he’s also a philanthropist. Jack Tracy is the founder and owner of Necessary Outlet, a production company that has produced several LGBTQ works including the feature film, Snowflake; the audio drama podcast, Community; three critically acclaimed seasons of the web series History; and comedies Big Law and Millennial Memoir. Snowflake and all three seasons of History are now streaming on Dekkoo.


‘The Feels’ is Tracy’s brand new track from his forthcoming EP Love Yah. Both written and produced by Jack Tracy, he does confess that he drew some serious inspiration for the track from his own last relationship. “In my experience, I have come to realize that most people lie, constantly and with abandon. They lie to get what they want, or to get a hit of dopamine, and never really think about how they impact others. In romantic situations, I fall for it hard. So for me, sex becomes the most important barometer in a relationship. Words are cheap, but when sexually connected, you cannot lie to me. Under the sheets, you can always feel the truth.” 


“The Feels”  Jack Tracy’s previous release, is the title track of his EP that drops April 14 and the differences couldn’t be more vast. ‘Love Yah’ was an upbeat club track while ‘The Feels’ is much moodier and darker. Jack Tracy is best known for both intimacy and vulnerability with a touch of sexuality and a whole lot of heart. The video dives into Jack himself, as he ventures deep inside of himself to discover why he remains in the toxic relationship, including the most explicit sex montage Jack Tracy has ever made. “The video is assuredly the riskiest thing I’ve ever filmed,” Tracy reflects, “but it was important to include the sex because for me, physical pleasures are one of the most important elements of a relationship.” “Most people try to find something in their lives that helps them touch the divine. Religion, drugs, community service, alcohol…all these things that have us step outside ourselves and feel something. For me, that escapism is sex.”

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