Jack Tracy Looks To A Brighter Future With ‘Love Yah’

In an endlessly divisive society, one thing that everyone can agree on is that we are ready to hit the dance floor once again. Utilizing that anticipation along with a heavy dose of months spent in quarantine, Jack Tracy is delivering a fantastical peek at what post-pandemic life just might look like with the video to his brand new single “Love Yah”.


Written when he was in the midst of his own quarantine, Tracy was feeling super isolated and alone. “Even introverts get cabin fever,” he explains. “I imagined myself finally going out, letting loose and blowing some steam. I’m currently single but for the song, I gave myself a number one who worries I’d get caught up in the nightlife and not come back home. He needn’t be concerned. I’m very considerate to my fictional boyfriends.”



After writing close to thirty brand new songs during quarantine, Tracy hopes that ‘Love Yah’ serves as a reminder that “there is light at the end of this tunnel and that if we all do our part, the end will come much, much sooner”. Tracy is also delivering a message on the importance of vaccination courtesy of New York City nightlife icon Sherry Vine. Vine, who appears in the intro to the video, hosts Drag News and delivers the exciting news that 80% of the country has been vaccinated and nightlife has reopened! Tracy says the partnership happened organically “Sherry and I met when we were paired as partners in a cardio-boxing class a few years ago. She has been a sounding board and mentor to me and we’ve been looking for a way to work together. This video presented the perfect opportunity!”

We all have certain media that has helped us each get through the pandemic and for Tracy, it has been some of his favorite podcasts. Throughout the video, you will notice merch sprinkled about from some of the podcasts that Tracy has dived into this year. Keep an eye out for items from Trixie & Katya’s Bald and the Beautiful, Alaska and Willam’s RaceChaser, Best Friends with Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata and How Did This Get Made? Of course, Jack Tracy’s icon Janet Jackson is referenced through the video as well. 



The title track is one of two dance singles that are featured on the Love Yah EP. The eclectic EP also contains an anthemic mid-tempo track that addresses toxic masculinity in gay culture (”Prince”) and some more  moodier songs like “The Feels” and “Mysterious.” The EP wraps up with “Hold Me,” a 90s-style pop ballad.


All proceeds from purchases and streams of the “Love Yah” single and  music video, as well as all recently released ‘Love Yah’ and History merch (https://www.redbubble.com/people/necessaryoutlet/), are going directly towards the funding of Season 4 of Jack Tracy’s popular History web series. He also plans to launch a broader Seed & Spark crowdfunding campaign later this spring.

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