Jack White Responds After Lesbian Fans Were Kicked Out Of His Alberta Concert

Jack White at the Brandt Centre in Regina / Image via Instagram @officialjackwhitelive

One concert hall staffer ruined the night of a lesbian couple just looking to have a good time.


This past Friday, a woman named Allyson Maclvor went to White’s performance at the Rogers Place arena in Alberta, Canada. Maclvor went with her girlfriend and the two kissed during the show.

Unfortunately, one of the arena staff wasn’t ok with this and told the two they had to go.

Maclvor, who’s a professional musician herself and plays with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, was then escorted to the manager of the venue, who apologized but never corrected the situation.

In response, Maclvor shared her story on Facebook and that post has now gone viral.


After catching wind of the story, CBC news reached out to Maclvor and interviewed her. In the meeting, Maclvor noted how shocked she was by the situation.

"I embraced my girlfriend, and some staff member came in between us, and she said, 'This is not allowed here.' It was very violating and invasive. It's not something I'd ever imagine experiencing, honestly."

The post became so viral that eventually Jack White himself came across the story and responded to it.


The rock star posted on Instagram that he totally disapproves of homophobia.


In addition, the Rogers Place and Oilers Entertainment group apologized to Maclvor.

"We have an absolute zero tolerance for any form of discrimination," said OEG spokesperson Tim Shipton.

There’s been no mention of if the employee has been punished for the incident. That said, Maclvor and her girlfriend have been offered free tickets to a Fleetwood Mac concert and a dinner of their choice.

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