Jacob Elordi on Being an Aspiring Actor from the Age of 15

Jacob Elordi has been on a role this year, taking on one major project after another, and he recently opened up about how he feels amidst his thriving acting career.

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The 26-year-old Australian actor and his ‘Euphoria’ co-star Colman Domingo recently interviewed each other for Variety‘s Actors on Actors. During their talk, Elordi admitted that he currently feels “the most free in my career that I ever have.”


“When I was 15, I was at an all-boys Catholic school. I was deeply unsettled and didn’t know why. In theater class, I read “Waiting for Godot.” I didn’t understand it, but something changed. Everything that I believed in just went out the window. I became an observer,” he recalled about how his passion for acting began.

The ‘Saltburn’ actor continued sharing,

“Acting and performance and story became my church. I worked 24 hours a day, devouring everything that I could. My personality changed. Then I started making movies, and it went away.”

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“For two or three years, I was in a scramble. Even during ‘Euphoria’, I was trying to catch it and find it again, because all these rules and ideas start getting put on performance,” he admitted, referring to how he lost himself for quite some time while pursuing his passion for acting.

Elordi seems to have found the proper balance now though, as he further expressed:

“My whole thing was about losing myself in the performance. But now I’m bringing “Jacob Elordi” to a performance, which is such a heady, trippy thing. I’ve been in the process of trying to shake it as it grows bigger and louder. But strangely enough, I’m in a place now where I feel free.”

Just this year, the actor starred as Elvis Presley in the biographical film ‘Priscilla’, as well as portrayed the character of Felix Catton in the psychological thriller ‘Saltburn’.

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  1. I enjoy the movie. Yeah, there are hints of being gay in the movie which I enjoyed. I appreciate the relationship between the two leading men. I will add this movie to my collection. Well done!!!

  2. No clue why this is tagged with LGBTQ. Even tangentially claiming Saltburn as gay, which is really isn’t and simply will mislead queens into watching it, is bogus since it’s barely a partial tag-on sentence by the author at the end.


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