Jade Jolie’s Nazi-Themed Adult Film Resurfaces

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Content Warning: Nazi Imagery

Drag Race alum Jade Jolie is no longer defending their Nazi porn past.


The Season 5 alum released a public apology through an Instagram story shortly after being added to the Dragula Season 4 cast. In the apology, Jolie thanked followers “for the love and support” as well as for keeping her accountable.

“When I was in my younger youth, I was down on my luck financially and did adult film work to survive,” Jolie wrote. “During one of the shoots I was involved in, I was asked to portray a nazi soldier in a scene. Against my better judgment and with an abusive partner pushing me to say yes, I chose to participate and I have felt shame and regret for that decision every day.”

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While nowadays, several Drag Race alums have OnlyFans accounts, Jade Jolie was one of the show’s first queens to have a past in sex work. Before her season even started, news of her work under the name “Tristian Everhard” made its way into the news circuit and social media platforms.


In response to the public attention to their porn past, Jade Jolie said that she doesn’t regret it. But that was more about the sex work in general and not about the Nazi-themed video.

“You know, as far as that goes, I’m never going to regret anything I had to do,” Jade said in an interview with Boy Culture. “I had to make life decisions when I was young, to get by, the get where I am now. So I support everyone. You can come from somewhere like that and to be where I am now, so just don’t ever give up on yourself and don’t let anyone get you down.”


But the discovery of Everhard’s appearance in a Nazi-themed video led to some justifiable controversy. The image of Everhard in an oversized trench coat performing the Nazi salute with two similarly dressed twinks especially didn’t help.

And as The Sword reports, Jade Jolie didn’t always feel “shame and regret” for the film. That’s despite what Jolie recently stated in the apology. In 2013, Drag Race winner Sharon Needles shared The Sword’s coverage of the situation. Jade Jolie then responded, “NOT sorry bout it.”

But that was eight years ago. People and their perspectives change. Jade Jolie has now apologized. But does she mean it? She’s already been caught in one lie (about always regretting it). And will not just Jolie’s fans but Drag Race fans accept the apology and move on? Time, and the response to Dragula season 4, will tell.

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6 thoughts on “Jade Jolie’s Nazi-Themed Adult Film Resurfaces”

  1. I played a ne-nazi proud boy in a short film last fall.
    Are you dumb enough to believe the role represents my own personal/political views? Do you understand how acting works?
    Jade Jolie played a character in a movie. It’s what actors do.
    Rest assured the same people crying outrage over this nazi-porn are also scouring the internet to watch it on loop. And since you were so careful in this article to list the production company, the website, Jolie’s porn name, etc., you’ve made it so convenient for them to access it. Mission accomplished.
    But Jade Jolie should apologize, right?
    You’re the ones bringing more publicity to this low-budget, back alley porno. And for the few minutes it took to copy-paste this information into a story I doubt you gave as much consideration to the emotional and physical damage it could cause. If you are still unsure, let me try to clarify it for you.
    In this current political climate of insurgency, vigilantism and extreme paranoia you are casually drawing parallels between a young actor who accepted a role in a nazi-themed film and the very real, very violent, very destructive threat of actual hate groups. Though the actor has apologized you are still deliberately stirring the pot, courting controversy, and possibly putting this person’s life and safety at risk.
    Where’s your apology?
    Hypocrites, vultures, and opportunists. Some things in the queer community never change.

    • Listen to yourself gurl, something’s never change in the gay community, uh drama. Go take a seat, have a cocktail and shut the hell up!

    • Definitley agree with you. People have portrayed Nazis in films for years . Including the hilarious Ello Ello which is about the French resistance during the war .

      It’s an actor playing a part , not advocating those horrendous people .

    • This is not, Shindlers List, or a documentary, it’s a trashy porn. What’s next, a trashy porn with everyone in black face? There is no reason for this type of subject in a low budget, low class, trashy gay porn. Stop trying to justify it.

    • Nothing like a Gen Z’er giving life lessons. Dont support stupid sh*t, how about that? Dont use your sex work as an excuse to be a future racist/misogynist. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. #TakeANumber

  2. Nazi Jade only apologized because he got caught and now it’s affecting his career. Too late, apology not accepted. You made that choice to do it, regardless of why and sucks for you, because you are going to have to suffer the consequences. Get off of the stage, you are through.


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