Jaguars Coach Kevin Maxen Opens Up About Coming Out As Gay

Jacksonville Jaguars coach Kevin Maxen recently came out as gay, making history as the first male coach in a major US professional league to do so.

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Aside from being the first openly gay male coach in the NFL, he is also the first in all of American men’s professional sports. Maxen revealed in an interview with Outsports that Carl Nassib, the first openly gay active NFL player, was the one who connected him with the news outlet to finally speak his truth and publicly come out.

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“I don’t want to feel like I have to think about it anymore.

I don’t want to feel like I have to lie about who I am seeing or why I am living with someone else.

I want to be vocal in support of people living how they want to live, but I also just want to live and not feel fear about how people will react,” the associate strength coach expressed.

Moreover, he admitted about feeling guilty about not being able to talk about his boyfriend Nick prior to coming out, sharing:

“You have other coaches who have significant others, and they’re talking about their significant others. And I felt guilty that I couldn’t do the same thing, that I was letting myself down. I want the person I’m with to be able to share that with me.”


Maxen has been dating his boyfriend for more than two years now, and he is now freely posting their cute couple pics on Instagram… <3

(c) Instagram: @kmax3824
(c) Instagram: @kmax3824


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  1. Congratulations brother. I have a similar experience. Although it was my coach in freshman year in High School that helped me come out as gay. He was out and proud and not ashamed of being gay. It really helped me be brave enough to come out as gay Junior year. So grateful.


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