Jake Shears Drops Trou During Late Night Performance

After many, many years with his band The Scissor Sisters, Jake Shears has finally made the move to go solo.

He dropped his self-titled debut album back in August to much critical acclaim. The 40-year-old appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Monday to do a sit down interview with him and perform the first single off his effort called "Creep City".

Jake wore an over-the-top ensemble, similar to ones that he has done in the past, which included a black top hat and a black and gold ensemble with what appeared to be a tank top underneath his jacket.

That thought process was proven wrong towards the end of the song when he ripped off his pants and left very little to the imagination afterwards. See below:



He then chatted with Seth afterwards, where they discussed his memoir, Boys Kept Swinging, his days as a go-go dancer in NYC and how he's slept with a lot of people. 



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  1. Jake is and always has been

    Jake is and always has been an awesome guy that I have loved his joy and enthusiasm for what he does – with the Scissors or on his own! 

    NY  was a better place for having him there! 


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