Jake Wesley Rogers Releases His Long-Awaited Debut EP ‘Pluto’

From Ryan Reynolds to Billy Porter to Gwyneth Paltrow, you would be hard pressed to find someone who has not fallen in love with the ethereal music of Jake Wesley Rogers. Whether he’s paying homage to LGBTQ heroes with his stirring single “Momentary’ or belting out his raucously rock signature anthem ‘Middle Of Love’, one thing is clear-Rogers is poised for very big things. The release of his debut label EP Pluto showcases exactly the kind of material that is making Rogers so immensely buzz- worthy. The lyrics on tracks like ‘Weddings & Funerals’ are stunning, and Rogers’ larger than life vocals on the intimately gorgeous ‘Cause Of A Scene’ are only two reasons that make Pluto one of the single best musical releases of 2021. 


Very few artists have found themselves directly at the center of so much well-deserved praise from the entertainment community. Academy Award winner Gwyneth Paltrow waxed poetic about Rogers on her Goop podcast (talking about the profound lyrics in his single ‘Weddings & Funerals’). Additionally, Elton John (an artist many have compared to Rogers) hosted Rogers on the 300th Episode of his Rocket Hour Radio show. The Rocket Man himself said “I love him because he reminds me of me when I was starting out” and “What I love as a songwriter is that [your] songs are so beautifully formed.” A true ‘pinch me’ moment for Rogers that got a great deal of well-deserved publicity was his show-stopping performance of Madonna’s ‘Like A Prayer’ with the dynamic Billy Porter, who following the performance simply said “This is the future bitches! This is the future. This is what we’ve been fighting for honey.”


Being touted as one of the best new artists around by the LGBTQ community is not lost on Rogers. He told Instinct Magazine exclusively “I wrote the songs of Pluto in hopes of answering one question: will love heal me or kill me? In the end, I found an answer in the songs. If you have love, let it fly. If you have darkness, let it shine. “

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