Jakk Fynn on New EP ‘Can’t Look Back’ & Trans Representation in Music

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Transmasculine music artist Jakk Fynn isn’t going to be boxed in, and if he has anything to do with it, neither will his listeners.

The Latinx singer-songwriter has given himself the freedom to explore musical soundscapes, melding his roots with his adult endeavors and always embracing the natural state of flux that comes with being an artist in the internet age. After spending years in bands and the post-hardcore scene, Fynn is ready to let himself be exactly who he wants to be as a musician, and this is showcased in his brand-new EP, Can’t Look Back.


Featuring six tracks, the EP is Fynn’s response to a series of emotional experiences he’s navigated over the past few years and a way to help him move on and look forward to new opportunities, leaving the challenges he overcame behind. 

‘Can’t Look Back’ Cover Art

“All the songs embody periods of my life that left a big impression on me,” he says in a press statement. “From harboring bitterness towards a failed relationship in “Don’t Call” to reflecting on my mental health and queerness in “Meow” and “Take My Heart, packaging all these songs into Can’t Look Back is a way for me to symbolically release my emotions into the universe to help me move forward on my healing journey.”

As a trans artist, Fynn is well aware of the need for more representation within the music space, and he plans to make it brighter, more honest, and more inclusive. In addition to the EP’s official release, Fynn also dropped a visual for the title track, which shows him self-reflecting on the ups and downs of his personal journey. 


In March, he released a visual for “Take My Heart,” which subverts gender norms and blurs all lines between his masculine and feminine identity.

Instinct had the pleasure of sitting down with Fynn and talking more about Can’t Look Back and his musical artistry. He also touches on select singles, redefining masculinity, and highlighting trans representation in music.

Check out the full video interview below.


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