Jamaica Bans Anti-Gay Pastor From Visiting

Steven Anderson is a pastor who’s known for his extreme anti-gay rhetoric.

Besides denying the Holocaust ever existed, saying women should be subservient to men, and thinking gays should be stoned, Anderson most notably celebrated the Pulse shooting. He also prayed in a Youtube video that those wounded from the shooting would die of their injuries.

Now, Anderson has gotten some retribution, and it came from a very unexpected place.

It seems Anderson and his disciples from the Faithful World Baptist Church in Arizona have been planning for their trip to Jamaica for some time now. Anderson was planning to hold several speaking gigs while he was there.

Luckily, several LGBTQ activists were persistent on preventing that from happening.

Several people signed an online petition asking the Jamaican government to ban the hateful pastor from visiting. While that petition didn’t get the government’s attention, several activists then wrote to the government. Luckily, the government listened.

"This is a positive outcome in which I am very pleased,” said Jay John (name changed) to The Guardian, “I am glad that leadership was shown in protecting LGBTQ Jamaicans, women and other minority groups which Steven Anderson has attacked over the past,” said John.

Despite Jamaica being known as an incredibly homophobic nation, the government was willing to ban Anderson and become the latest country to do so (after countries the UK, South Africa, Botswana, Guyana and Canada).

And what was Anderson’s response to being banned? To rant on Youtube about AIDS.

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  1. Hooray for banning Fake

    Hooray for banning Fake Pastor and his Fake followers of a Fake Religion!!

    Anyone who wishes people be killed should be killed themselves


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