Jameela Jamil Cancels Conservative Author

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Candace Owens Was Booted From A Popular Podcast For Stating ‘Only Women Can Give Birth’

You could be a little familiar with the following women. First, we have Jameela Jamil (Pictured above, Left), a British-Indian-Pakistani actress who gained famed in 2016 as she starred in The Good Place alongside Kristen Bell (Frozen, Veronica Mars) after she was the host of the British version of Playing It Straight – yes, that awful reality television show that had a girl trying to figure out which of her suitors were straight so that they could split the prize money while gay men were dwindled among the cast trying to take her “heart” and the money for himself. While The Good Place is now canceled, Jamil has managed to stay relevant through progressive activism. No, seriously, she probably takes the crown for the biggest progressive advocate out there – and she wears that with pride. She’s historically been open about her suicide attempt, abortion, climate change, disabled persons, LGBTQ (especially transgender) equality, and led the charge against Instagram Influencers (including those darn Kardashian girls) against body image and weight issues. She’s pretty cool – if you’re on her side. Jamil leads her activism with an iron fist and makes it known if she’s with you or not. This next conservative commentator and activist learned that the hard way.

According to Western Journal, Jamil has ‘canceled’ Author, Candace Owens. Owens you may recognize from a few appearances on The View and random blurbs of conservative and Trump Administration supporting views. Jamil was due to have Owens on her podcast, I Weigh. But, after Owens tweeted (above) only biological women can give birth, Jamil labeled her as a bully and canceled her upcoming appearance as the statement made Jamil’s transgender employees feel “unsafe”. Owens told the news to her over one million Twitter followers in the following tweets, which eventually caused the following online feud between the women:



Looking at both of their social media accounts… it could be a little difficult to pick a side of the feud to be on. There’s tons of fellow social media users who are coming to both defenses of the women. Those defending Owens with simply science and biology while Jamil’s audience claims there is no gender anymore. It’s a shame, because I can bet the conversation between these two gals would have been absolutely worth the listen.

Do you believe Jamil was justified kicking Owens to the curb for her statement?

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  1. Who cares , she’s right only a woman can give birth , it’s called biology , this shit is getting out of hand. A baby comes out of a vagina and a vagina is on a woman , so fucking simple. Coming from a gay democrat living in the liberal city San Francisco this shit is so ridiculous. Go back to calling it gay & lesbian rights and get them away from our movement they are dragging us down and they are nothing like us , ugh


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