James Charles Accused Of Cyber Seducing Teens…Again

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Another Teen Boy Came Forward With Claims YouTuber James Charles Is Inappropriately Messaging Him

One of the oldest Hollywood sayings is ‘There is no such thing as bad publicity’, but as time changes, so do themes. Cancel Culture is forming a strange pocket in society where it is a slippery slope, but let’s be honest, on occasion it is very well deserved. While #MeToo has taken a lot of powerful, alleged perverts off their pedestal, there’s still plenty others who have yet to be toppled. Shockingly, someone who seems almost impossible to cancel, or fade away, is the incredibly popular YouTuber, James Charles, who made viral fame for his professional school photograph where he was caked in flawless makeup – Ellen DeGeneres would later invite him on her talk show and made him a mainstream star. Since his incarnation into our lives almost six years ago, Charles has been plagued with countless allegations of trying to seduce heterosexual men, racism, and the most disgusting of his accusations is that he’s been inappropriately messaging a handful of underage teenage boys online. This time, however, the allegations may stick to him like a scarlet letter.


According to Dexerto, Charles has been fired as the host of the YouTube competition series, Instant Influencer (think America’s Next Top Model for influencers and Charles was basically Tyra Banks). This is because he’s currently in a scandal where a minor boy claims Charles has been grooming him. In recent days, a separate minor, sixteen-year-old boy, Jake Cherryy (as he goes by on the social media platform, TikTok) is posting videos of screenshots he has with Charles flirting with him. This adds on top of two other underage boys who alleged Charles has been cyber-seducing them while knowing their ages. Charles has vehemently denied any wrongdoing and claims that the boys had all lied to him about their ages. Various Twitter users are trying to publicly acknowledge Charles keeps getting passes for his alleged inappropriate behavior. Check out a few tweets below, including one from viral meme queen herself, the loveable Trisha Paytas, who also shared a video on her social media of Charles publicly stating he prefers to date “eighteen or nineteen year olds”:




Strangely, social media tends to be more focused on a music video from Lil Nas X and aren’t directing their anger towards someone who is actually being accused of grooming teens. One of the stars of Netflix’s cheerleading series, Cheer, Jerry Lewis, another young gay adult and viral star who appeared on The Ellen Show as a correspondent, was accused of producing child pornography and was almost immediately not only canceled…but thrown in jail. It’s odd that Charles continues to slide by with a slew of allegations. He still keeps popping around, despite these claims being extremely uncomfortable and are due for a deep investigation. There’s another saying, funny enough stemming from Hollywood… don’t meet your heroes. Perhaps Charles isn’t the bubbly, optimistic personality he’s been portraying.

Do you think it’s time for Charles to be fully investigated for his many allegations or will he remain impossible to cancel?

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Source: Dexerto

6 thoughts on “James Charles Accused Of Cyber Seducing Teens…Again”

  1. Y’all are harsh. These clout chasers come after him, message him. He should be more wary or have a gatekeeper but if a guy messages you, says you are hot and he is 18 what are you supposed to do? He is rich and gay – an easy target. He was accused of it before and it turned out to totally not true. The last time he was used for Cochella VIP tickets an he flew out the guys friends and everything then ditched him when they arrived. I feel bad for him, he needs someone to weed out these clout chasing minors.

  2. We’re really out here calling Trisha a ‘loveable’ meme queen in a queer publication when she has been very harmful to our community. It’s been only like a year since she pretended to be trans.

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  4. He should have been investigated the first time an underage guy said something. But the authorities choked and his followers shrieked and wailed that JC could have NEVER done such a thing. Bullshit. James Charles is a predator who thinks he’s golden because of his fans. Arrest him.


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